Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog, How I Love Thee

I just spent rare quiet time by myself sitting at the computer, watching old Bridget videos. Though we lost quite a few when my hard drive (and subsequently, my back up, too) crashed, thankfully I'd put up a lot on Facebook and the blog so I feel like I still have a good amount of memories saved to cherish.

Although I rarely have time to write a post or organize photos and such, I'm so glad I've forced myself to keep up with this blog. The memories, thoughts, emotions, and events captured here are priceless and I'm already so thankful that I started it over 3 years ago. Here's to keeping it up for more years to come!

And thanks to all of you who do the same and allow me to enjoy your journey, as well. We learn so much from each other, even though we rarely have enough time to see each other face to face. The blessings of the age of technology that we live in today.


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