Saturday, July 7, 2012

Colorado 2012: Family!

We were so happy to have a chance to see my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Charlene during our Colorado stay. Its still so surreal to me how close they were to loosing their beloved home to the wildfire. Life is so precious, isn’t it?!

After a much needed rest time, we headed down the pass to meet them at their place for a moment to pet their precious doggies. Check out just a peek at their backyard oasis. So glad their place is alright!:

Colorado 2012 890Colorado 2012 892Colorado 2012 891Colorado 2012 888Colorado 2012 893

Then we were off to the Springs (well, the small Springs of Manitou):

Colorado 2012 894

My uncle is an amazing artist and has illustrated many children’s books over the years. It was a real treat to watch him draw with my Bridgie! Just precious!

Colorado 2012 895

The Adam’s Mountain CafĂ© is one of our favorite local spots because its very vegetarian friendly (like most of Colorado!), and regularly changes up their menu to include delicious new plates. Our appetizer of pears, figs, goat cheese, pecans and spinach over crustinis was to die for! Yummmm!

Colorado 2012 898

Colorado 2012 901

Of course, we promised Bridget that if she was a good girl at dinner she could ride some more of the arcade rides before heading home. So much fun!

Colorado 2012 903Colorado 2012 908Colorado 2012 911

But eventually, even she had to admit it was time for the day to end. Incidentally, she called this her “model” pose. Hmmm. It wasn’t until our next spot in Manitou that we realized she had seen a statute near the restaurant of a woman lying down – a “model”, to her. Aren’t these kids getting to be so smart?!?!

Colorado 2012 912

A quick snapshot of her arcade fun:

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  1. Ummmm...why have I not ever known that your uncle illustrated children's books??? And, we are so stoked about the arcade in Manitou! :-)