Thursday, May 31, 2012

You need a little HAPPY??

Two things that make me very happy. Allow me to present them to you:


Les Miserables 2012…be still my heart!

Cynical me certainly assumes the movie won’t be good (I have insanely high expectations for Les Mis!). I’ll still cross my fingers and will definitely see it as soon as its hits the theaters! Additionally, its excitement like what’s being shown for this movie that 100% assure me that the arts will never leave us. Sure, arts education is underfunded most places and is often in danger of being cut from schools around the country. However, the emotions drawn forth by music and theater and visual art are unparalleled and therefore will never go away. Thank goodness. Can I get an amen?! And if you haven’t already experienced it, puhleeze find a way to see the 10th Anniversary performance of Les Mis. It will change your life (not to mention it’s the sugariest, yummiest eye and ear candy ever!). Also, don’t confuse it with the 25th Anniversary performance. You will be sorely disappointed if you do (two words: Nick Jonas. Puke. That makes three words, but it had to be said).


should I have warned you about needing Kleenex?

That just plain makes me happy. Can it be related to anniversary season in the Adamo house? Possibly. Not matter what, happy love makes people happy. The world could use a little more of this, if you ask me.

Have a happy day! Did I mention I had a surprise day at home with Bridget? When the panchoed duo (we left our umbrellas in the car and it was pouring when we rushed out the door to Kathy’s – late as usual – so we grabbed panchos…oh, to have seen us!) made it to my car in the pouring rain only to find a dead battery under the hood? No one around to jump us. Jonathan – handyman extraodinaire - not able to save us for hours. Mama calls into work to say we’re marooned. Did I shed a tear? I’ll let you make your best guess on that one Smile.

More to come on that story later…

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