Saturday, May 12, 2012

Joyful Jazzy Jubilee!

A few weekends ago we had our always anticipated annual trip to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. Jonathan and I have been going for over 10 years now as its truly Denton’s biggest event of the year…and its FREE to stroll up to any of the various stages and hear some great tunes (not all just jazz, but the best of it is jazz!).


We look forward to seeing old friends about as much as we look forward to the music. I was so thankful to have caught up with the precious Mandy (um, you KNOW I need that dress of her’s!!) this year…especially because her newest baby niece had just been introduced to the world a few hours before. What a blessing!



And what’s that you say?? That’s a familiar gleam in Mandy’s eye?? Yeah, its called baby fever. She’s got it bad. Its hard not to when you’ve just come from a precious newborn and then get to spend time with my adorable Noodle Doodle! Can’t wait til Mandy has a little one of her own for me to snuggle on!


Any good festival boasts a delicious banquet of food options. I opted for my traditional corny dog (Fletcher’s!), but ate it all before I got even one picture. Jonathan can’t resist some festival nachos Smile.


And Bridget can’t resist climbing on Daddy. He’s such a good sport!


We ended the trip with some romping on the playground. The other kiddos were really sweet and helped Bridget up all the ladders so she could share in the fun, too. Man, do I appreciate some well-mannered children.


See you in 2013, Denton Arts and Jazz!

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  1. You caught me!! I definitely am in the early stages of Baby Fever. Symptoms include kisses on sweet 2 year olds and lots of snuggles. :) So much fun to see you all!