Saturday, June 2, 2012

Great Gaylord Getaway



Already to head to the hotel to party!


Her first of many trips to through the “circle door”…


Helping Mommy get checked-in:


I wish I could remember awesome it was to jump on the bed as a kiddo:


Happy family!



While I wish the Alice in Wonderland theme was around this summer (now its Shrek – aka boring), we got to see some pretty cool cowboys here and there. This one was totally gold…looks like a statue!


Soon after checking in and strolling through the atrium, we headed to my all-time favorite Grapevine restaurant. Oh, the memories I have of regular weekend dinners (sometimes twice in one weekend!) here with my family and our “other Williams family”, playing Galaga on the arcade machine, and romping outside on the patio 100% unsupervised while our parents chatted over Esparzaritas. Good times!


Amanda got a chance to meet us, too! I’ve got to get in as much Amanda time as I possibly can before she heads off to Europe for 2 years for work. Her job sounds awful, right? Hehehehe…


Hetero-lifemates Smile


After dinner, we returned to the hotel, hopped in the pool for some fun and hit the hay by 10pm. Delightful!

Since Bridget couldn’t care less about Shrek characters, we opted out of the $40 per person Shrek breakfast. Instead, I told Jonathan he could pick wherever he wanted for yummy breakfast. It was no surprise when he stopped here:


After Whataburger, B’s cousins joined us in hopping on the shuttle to the water park. It was a beautiful day!


My bumblebee looked fabulous. Love her!




You know I was excited to see that Bud Light Lime was available. Bridget does a great job pretending to be excited with me!


After a wee bit of fussing, we all voluntarily piled onto the trolley and headed back to the hotel:


Another crazy cowboy!


Before Bridget left for her cousin sleepover, we had time to take some pics with Anthony and Noah. Why is it practically impossible to get 3 kids to look at a camera at the same time?? Maybe it was the Doritos and M&Ms we gave them as a snack…I might be onto something there…


A silly shot:



Then we were finally free to celebrate! Happy anniversary! We’ve stuck to traditional wedding anniversary gifts these past 7 years, and this year was a real doozie. Wool or copper. What?? So we both decided a great gift would be a new floor rug for our TV room. We didn’t have time to squeeze in a shopping trip over the weekend, but we’ll have a new one down this summer. I’m thrilled!


I even *gasp* did my makeup and hair (begrudgingly, but it had to be done at least once this year):


And we headed to the dinner and a movie (combined, which we love!). Old habits die hard around here:


After checking out of the hotel the next morning, we drive straight over to Christina’s to get our princess. They all raved about her behavior and manners and were shocked that a 2 year old could be as awesome as she was for her first big girl overnight. I agree! But I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see this face immediately after driving away. Aren’t they silly how they hold in all the fussiness until they’re back with Mom and Dad?? I guess I’d rather put up with it myself then know someone else is having to deal with it. Silly girl!


Stay tuned for pics from our swimming party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house later that evening!

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