Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Momentous Occasion!

So, if you've read any of my Bridget posts, you've likely heard me complain about her food choices. She's the pickiest eater I know and has been since she started eating real food. I have always struggled with getting her to consume nutritious foods (um, anything fruit or vegetable), though this girl can pack down some carbs like a marathon runner. Here are her favorites, which are on steady rotation at the Adamo place (don't judge me!):

Mac & Cheese (only Kraft - she shuns any restaurant version that's not Kraft)
Pizza (I make her pita pizzas on whole wheat and have tried finely chopping veggies to add...a no go)
PB&J Sandwiches (Jonathan cuts off the crust - ugh - he's not helping!)
Chips (thank goodness for Veggie Chips - though I'm not stupid - I know they're riddled with sodium)

Thankfully I can get her to suck down some serious "applesauce". I use quotations because anything in those blessed sacks is considered applesauce at our house, so she'll do the plain applesauce ones as well as the mixed variety. This makes me think that she's at least getting SOMETHING nutritious, as long as its the versions with straight up fruit/veggies as the ingredients. Man, kids food companies sneak in so much yucky stuff if you look at the nutritional facts! I know you all do. Not to say I don't give her empty calories here and there (and more often than I should, most likely).

Oh! And I can't leave out her ultimate favorite: avocado (cado, as she calls it). Praise the Lord that she'll at least eat this, or Jonathan and I would never be able to successfully visit our favorite Mexican haunts!

Let me also add that she eats fairly normally three days a week at Miss Kathy's house. Some of her regulars there are green beans (what?!?!), mandarian oranges (yeah right!), chicken sandwiches (I've tried and tried!), raisins, and peas/carrots (I've almost given up on that one). One of the million reasons I'm thankful for Miss Kathy. Even if I was able to stay home with her full-time, I think I'd still send her over there at least once a week to eat and play and do "school". This girl can do all the letters, colors, shapes, numbers, etc...I call them her "tricks" at this age 'cause I've read all the studies about teaching that stuff too soon, but I'm still impressed!

All this being said, she'll eat the occasional chicken nuggets, meatballs (how lucky are we that turkey meatballs exist?!), Little Smokies,  and bacon (in fact, all pork! and breakfast!), so I know that I could be worse off when it comes to her consumption. It also helps to always hear my pediatrician say that she's doing just fine. She's a champion milk drinker (I have to push my memories of reading Skinny Bitch out of my mind when it comes to milk drinking - research it if you haven't read that book), and she LOVES her Flinstones vitamins. Again, it could be worse, right?

Down to the real reason I posted:

Yesterday, at about 5:30 she told me she was hungry. I didn't have her dinner ready quite yet, but felt it was a little late for a snack if I wanted dinner success. So I decided to slice up an apple and try that. Like is always said, "if they're really hungry, they'll eat!". I asked her if she wanted it "with green or without" (the peel) and she opted for "without" so I complied. Then I added a little bit of peanut butter on the plate, just 'cause that's how I like apples. We struggle with her when it comes to swallowing foods, as she often will chew and chew and then spit it out. Not this time, though. Girl ate the WHOLE THING and then asked for MORE. Honestly people, I was more excited about hearing that than I was about finishing my first year of law school!!! Sure, sure. Roll your eyes now, but it was truly a momentous occasion!!!

I can't wait to try the old standard "ants on a log" with celery and raisins soon. Peanut butter might just be my key to success! I should probably bite the bullet and start doing the natural stuff, but who really wants to have to refrigerate peanut butter?? I jest. Sort of.

Feel free to offer up any suggestions for better eating with a picky toddler. Know that I've done a lot of research and can't wait to try things this summer. Deceptively Delicious, you'd better prepare yourself, as this girl has a whole summer of no school in which she will attack your delicious sounding recipes!!!!


  1. Kaitlyn, luckily, has always been good at experimenting with foods. As long as Bridget is healthy and happy I wouldn't worry about it. Especially if her doctor thinks she's doing well.
    What I wanted to mention is that I really like the natural Peanut Butter, both Skippy and Smart Balance have yummy ones that you don't have to refrigerate, and they are delicious when I heat them up to dip apples in. Carrots and PB are a tasty snack too :-)

  2. YAY!!! That's great news! :) Annabelle hates most vegetables, but she LOVES fruit and pinto beans. With a diet based on beans and fruit, I figure we're still netting some positive nutrition points.

    Ranch dressing (the healthier version) helps her choke down some foods. But I have to watch her, or she'll just eat forkfuls of Ranch dressing--and nothing else--until it's gone. The rest of the food remains on her plate. Sneaky!

    Also, she likes flax (ground flaxseed meal)! I give it to her for extra fiber. If you wanted to try it with B, I recommend mixing it into her applesauce with cinnamon. You can't taste or see it that way. :) Eventually, you can add it to PB&J sandwiches...

  3. Way to go, B! My one success...only one, mind smoothies. Alexandra LOVES them! Sliced, frozen bananas; frozen, mixed berries; & coconut milk. Sometimes I throw in a handful of spinach or a scoop of protein powder....even a spoonful of natural peanut butter.

  4. I'm sure most kiddos are picky at some point in their childhood... and surely they all turn out ok, right? I figure Jack is NOT your typical toddler. He loves shrimp, steak, veggies and fruits but WILL NOT eat a pbj or grilled cheese. I'm gonna have to try the apple and peanut butter snack though. I forgot about that one! And the ants on a log?? You're genius!
    BTW.. what do the studies say about "teaching" stuff too soon? That's interesting... and Lord knows I don't have time to be researching anything :) HA!