Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures with Annabelle!


Soooo…this might be my new favorite picture EVER!!!



We began anniversary weekend by celebrating with Annabelle, her family and friends for her 3rd birthday. I don’t know how her sweet mama, Christy, does it but she always manages to plan these birthdays 1) at a park, and 2) during wonderful weather! All in attendance had a fabulous time Smile.



This park (about 5 minutes from our house and we hadn’t yet tried it out) not only had great trees/shade and age appropriate playground pieces. It also had an ADORABLE kiddo-sized permanent picnic table. Perfect! I see us at this park a lot more in the future…



These two don’t get to see each other as often as us mommies would be because I’m no longer teaching at Carrollton (where Christy and I became friends), but they are just too darn cute together to keep apart. We were so thankful to be included in the birthday fun!!!



  1. LOVE everything about the first pic...that's one for a canvas!!!

    Happy birthday, Annabelle! :-)

  2. Of course we had SO much fun seeing you!! We have to get together again soon! And I, too, LOVE that picture of Jonathan and Bridget... great job, photographer! :)