Monday, May 28, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

Alright, we’re not experts at the self-timer self-portrait. Big surprise Smile


Another year of married bliss passes by to make way for a new chapter in our own personal love story. How did we even survive this year?? Honestly, without the strength of our relationship, we may not have made it through the madness of my first year of law school, coupled with a tight budget and a stressful school year for Jonathan. We both leaned on guidance from friends and family and the partnership we’ve nurtured for the past seven years and made it through…I just love my man so much! Words cannot express how supportive he is. I strive to do the same for him everyday.

Some of my favorite moments from our special day, May, 28, 2005:

Rehearsal dinner – we look like teenagers compared to our wrinkly and grisled post-thirty mugs today!


My flower girl is now 12. In middle school. In Germany. Sheesh. And Amanda (my MOH) met us for dinner this weekend to help celebrate. She and I celebrate 28 years of hetero-lifemate status this summer. Jonathan isn’t threatened…too much Smile.



In case you don’t recognize him, my Jonathan is on the far left. Yes, he looks like he’d have a hard time getting into a rated-R movie Smile.


Please give me some of this RIGHT NOW:


Young and carefree! Ahh…


We’re so glamorous. Oh, pretty sure we were both cracking up at all the pics our photographer took after the reception. This is NOT our type of thing…but I love it!


I’m excited to share our adventures from this weekend. What a delightful time we had celebrating together!!! Cheers to all the anniversaries yet to come…love our love Smile.


  1. Ahhh, such a wonderful day! Filled with so much love for you both!

  2. Your self-timer self-portrait is perfect!

  3. Lucky number seven, for sure, and it totally feels like I should've known you on your special you guys!!!

  4. I love looking at your wedding pictures! Happy Anniversary!!! :)