Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our BFs, Julie and Abby, invited us up to McKinney to come see the hatchlings in Julie’s 1st grade classroom. She’s such an amazing elementary school teacher. When Bridget starts school, I can only hope for a teacher as talented as her! And I was thrilled to find out she was being moved to Kindergarten next year…something she’s been wanting for 8 years! Kinder kiddos were always my favorite, and I know they are all in for a treat with Julie.

Back to the chicks. Bridget and I popped into the library a few days before to pick up a few books about baby chicks and eggs hatching and such so she’d be a little more prepared for the event. B was so excited to see JuJu’s classroom and meet the little fluffy friends!


This project sounds just awesome. She orders the incubator and eggs, they are on a set schedule and can pretty much be guaranteed to open within a 24-48 hour window. We arrived on the afternoon of “hatch day” and only two had broken free in Julie’s room and were still pretty damp. We spent lots of time looking at them through the incubator (isn’t that thing fancy?? way more so than I remember!).

But these two crazies were quickly distracted by each other and the fun things a 1st grade classroom has to offer:



Smiling with the chicks and flapping our wings! And I loved the cute stuff Julie had up on the wall for her egg lesson. I DO miss some things about teaching…



Then it was off to another classroom to see a few more chicks that were ready to be held!


Ohhh!! Ahhh!!


Look at those interested faces…


Aren’t they soooo cute and fluffy??

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I’ve said it a hundred times already, but I love few things more than introducing Bridget to new things. For instance, today we were strolling around the pond behind our library (took the chick books back and picked up some books on road trips!) after feeding some ducks and I noticed something swimming in the water…we hunted it down and found a NUTRIA! I think they’re pretty cute, but that’s because my eyes remain blissfully ignorant thinking they’re beavers Smile. Bridget thought they were hilarious!

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  1. Sooo neat!!! I guess I didn't realize she taught in McKinney. Which school? And I toooootally got the shivers when you mentioned the Nutria! I woulda totally freaked!