Monday, May 21, 2012

Another fun Zoo trip!

We were thrilled to hear a zoo trip suggested by our fun Southlake playgroup, so we pounced on the opportunity. This little girl is quickly becoming a zoo expert. I wonder where she gets it from?? Smile


A zoo trip in the month of May (especially when the weather is bearable – dare I say NICE) always means FIELD TRIPS. Blah. We were all frazzled for the first 15 minutes or so until the groups spread throughout the park…after that time, we got pretty good at avoiding the crazy kids. Here we are seeing our first animals – the zebras!


We wanted to make it to the bird area quick, and yes, I’m that mom who lets her daughter sit crazy in the stroller if it means sitting in the stroller (not always, but sometimes!). About 3 seconds after this shot, the stroller toppled over. Mom of the Year!


This boy is the chillest kid ever!!! He wasn’t the least bit nervous about the birds!


Not only were they not dive-bombing us for seed sticks, we had to FORCE the birds onto our sticks. They were definitely full from the field trippers. Thankfully, my Bridget is getting used to them so she was able to hold the stick herself this time. Fun!


Our hilarious attempt at getting a kid-only pic. LOVE IT!


Great learning stations at the Fort Worth Zoo!


This otter was putting on quite a show!


Erin and Trip, looking stylish:

We took up a lot of space with all our joggers..


These two chatted all about the elephants together:


Chasing after the group:


But eventually, everyone started to get tired:


So on our way back to the entrance, we stopped by these chill dudes. They were hilarious and happy to oblige our photography needs!



Another successful trip! The zoo is always worth every penny to the Adamos. Can’t wait to revisit my favorite, The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, when we get up there in a couple of weeks. This girl needs a vacation!


  1. Love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please, I'm begging you... take me with you on your vacay!! Sounds fabulous ;) And B is precious, as always!!