Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

How I wish my blog would load pictures easier. I get pretty annoyed when I have to constantly copy and paste the html crap. It didn't used to do that, but somewhere along the line it happened. Blah! If you know how to fix it, let me know....

Regardless, here's a summary of Bridget's 1st Easter!

Daddy was on his way out to his Easter gig at First Presby Downtown. We're so thankful each season for that phone call! Bridgey woke up to some fun Easter goodies and had a big smile, to boot! Man is she one happy baby when she starts a new day. It never gets old! I love it! We've recently started bringing Penny in to help wake her up...they both think its the cat's meow :)

Pop and Grammy take me and B to Christ the King for Easter Mass. It was madness! That place is in high demand on "the big 3"...Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday, and Easter. I think Easter may be the biggest crowd of all. We love people watching and seeing all the blue hairs in their gorgeous, spring hats. So much fun!

B was ready for her morning nap and was not in the mood to sit quietly in her pew, so she and I played outside within hearing distance of the service. She LOVES being outside!!!! What a trooper she was. And hour late for her nap and no crying. Love her!

Sadly (and uncharacteristically), I stopped taking pics after this point in the day. I was so exhausted! Hosting a surprise party on Friday, cleaning and lunching with friends on Saturday and then full Easter with a fussy, fevery baby means very tired mommy. At least I have the memories in my head!

The rest of our day?

8am Pop and Grammy's
9am Christ the King
11am Bridgey nap/Mimosas on the porch with my Mom and Dad
12:30 Jonathan arrives and wakes up B
2pm O'Dwyer family (my dad's extended) party complete with golf tourney in backyard
5pm Arrive in Plano for Adamo family Easter dinner
8pm Home and put B in bed
10:30 zzzzzz

Here's a beautiful pic or two of B from her photo shoot at the Arboretum over Spring Break. She's such a baby model :)


  1. I LOVE those photos you guys had done. Perfect.

  2. Your little one is a DOLL!!! Great pics!!! Also, the BEST program for blogs is Windows Live Writer, a free, easy download. :) I can't remember the website, but I'm sure if you google it, you can find it. Super easy to download pictures and extremely fast!!!

  3. thanks, meredith. that will help SO much!