Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New adventures!

I can't believe how many new things Bridget is doing each day. When she was only weeks old or a few months old, I thought she grew fast...man, I did not know what was coming. It makes me so proud to watch her embrace a new ability (and I think it makes her proud, too!) but it also makes me tear up a little. I want my little one to stay little forever!!! Certainly obvious why people keep having more babies, that's for sure. I'm already ready for another one! :) Don't get any ideas...none coming soon..

She's now 7 months going on 15, I'll tell you! Rolling wasn't enough. She's ready to crawl. Not only does she drool buckets and has for 4 months, she has two big (and sharp!) teeth on the bottom row and it working on her top two already. So sad! She sits perfectly and loves the height. She's ready to stand!

Slow down already, girl. Please!!!

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