Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Praying...thinking...hoping...whatever you do helps!

I am very saddened by the news that a dear friend is in very poor healthy of late. Precious Sandra recently entered the hospital due to erratic behavior (I'd explain, but it takes too long) and the doctors found a "mass" in her brain that needed further exploration to determine both the cause and the way to move forward. I wish I had all the news but I won't know a lot more until Thursday night when I meet with my lovely lady friends again. What I know now is that, though she hasn't officially mentioned her "cancer" (she is a breast cancer survivor), she will enter both radiation and chemotherapy as soon as possible.

This news breaks my heart because Sandra is one of the most beautiful beings on the planet and was truly a light in my life as soon as I was blessed for her to enter it. I think maybe she is so much like all of my favorite things about my own mother (who I am so much alike)...Who knows why some people just "click" with you more than some others, but Sandra was certainly someone that I "clicked" with right away. She was a welcoming presence to me when I was invited to join a Pokeno group by some of my favorite friends from school (I'm pretty exclusive when it comes to work friends, and these two are very special to me...you know who you are!) and a few months after my first Pokeno date I joined her in the Komen Walk at Northpark Mall and we really bonded our friendship. It's time like these that always make me question faith, but its in these moments that faith is most important. That's just what it is...faith...please use yours to pray for my lovely friend and the difficult journey she has ahead of her. For her, its not a new path for she has conquered it once already, which makes it all the more scary for the rest of us. I look forward to a hug from her on Thursday :).

Here's a pic of some of my Pokeno peeps on our Granbury weekend last year. Sandra is on the far right. Such a special light in my life :)

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  1. Oh, Anna, this made me tear. What a special lady she is to have YOU as her friend as well. I completely agree with you about faith--just when you question it is when you need it most. Many prayers for Sandra!