Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Whites, Darks, Delicates, and Adamos

Snuggle Soft Noodle!

Since we still use my grandmother's washer and dryer (ya'll, these things are VERY close to looking cool again for being antique-y...that's how old they are) and they are both small and temperamental, we take our king-size comforter and white quilt to the laundromat to clean them periodically. This weekend, B and I dropped off Jonathan at the laundromat as we went on to Wal-Mart to score some more super cute (and cheap) flower pots that they had on sale. I already bought 2 and I had to go back and get 2 more before they were all gone! But I digress...

When we went back to get "Daddy" and helped him finish up the folding. Its always interesting to go to this place because they one we usually end up at is straight out of Mexico. All the signs are in Spanish. Everyone is super friendly and there are smiling kids running around everywhere! A new coin laundry opened right around the bend from our place and we tried going there but it was PACKED with other people washing their king-size stuff so we can back to the old standard. Of course they had plenty of large wash machines open for us :). Ahh....

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  1. Love the look of Bridgey-girl chilaxin' in the laundry!