Sunday, April 25, 2010

Denton Arts and Jazz Weekend!


What a wonderful weekend we were gifted, eh? We got some nice rain for the flowers and yard on Friday night (and I got some good rest as Jonathan had a late night gig both Friday and Saturday) and then awesome weather on both Saturday and Sunday. Thank goodness because we were so excited about going to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. Though it seems so many other events are always planned for this last weekend in April (we had to miss a birthday party and another outdoor festival I would love to attend – Munster Germanfest), we wouldn’t miss this one for anything. Again, thank goodness the weather worked out! Our original plan was to get a sitter for Friday so I could see Jonathan’s MS Jazz Band play at 6pm and then we could stay to see Chic Corea (so cool), but when the weather wasn’t working out and I was not feeling well (allergies…boo!) we canned it. We woke up early and arrived in D-town by 10:30am to get things started. Here are some of my favorite pics from Saturday:


B chillin’ on our picnic blanket (we always bring a cooler with beverages and snacks but make sure to buy stuff, too, so the festival can stay free!) with Jason and Paul….fellow trombones of course…we had just finished watching Jason conduct his UNT “U-Tubes” Jazz Trombone group. So cool!


She was so sleepy but didn’t want to be anywhere but in Mommy’s arms. I was okay with that :). I think she just wanted to soak up as much sun as possible and enjoy the outdoors.


Check out her Salty Dog onesie! Of course, the festival was the perfect place to unveil this tie-dye masterpiece. We can’t wait to go back to Hilton Head summer of next year to introduce her to our favorite t-shirt shop!


Again, she was so tired but didn’t want to miss a bit. No fussiness at all! Here she is with Daddy getting ready to watch Mandy sing with Musical Theater of Denton for their “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” preview. We’re going to go see the show next month!


Mandy and Michael getting snuggles from Bridget before we leave :)


Since Jonathan had to go out to McKinney to run an errand at the Subaru dealership, we HAD to stop by and see the McCauleys! We ended up having a delightful little picnic of burgers in their backyard and the girls loved it. Seriously, B loves few things more than the outdoors (I can think of one….Penny, of course). Here they are, smiles and all! Love them….

Notice B is wearing her back-up tie-dye outfit I brought for the day? Did I also point out that Jonathan is wearing tie-dye, too? I opted out this year...maybe next year...hehehehe




This last one is the best! They look so stinkin’ cute, I swear. Love me some playdates!

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