Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Soon enough, I'm sure I'll be blogging about how I came to wave goodbye to this funk I've been in for a few months now. Don't get me wrong, my life is glorious and I'm so thrilled to have my precious angel and my loving husband. However, I just haven't felt as "happy" as I prefer recently and I think maybe its time for a change. Job? Maybe. That's one of the only things that's really within my power to change. I love my job teaching and I REALLY love the students at my school. I don't think changing campuses would do the trick but something that to happen. Weight and body image? Same answer. That's DEFINITELY going to change. I'm so pumped about my 3-Day walk for so many reasons, and personal health is near the top of that list.

These days, the world we live in has been in extreme financial troubles and we have not been immune to this. We're making it fine, but without a change I fear things aren't necessarily going to get any better. I'm just tired of swimming in the same deep end with no shallow waters in sight. Thankfully, I'm a good swimmer! But, hey...even the best get tired sometimes.

As I mentioned, I hope to blog in the next coming months about changes for the better. I remember to think about all of my numerous blessings everyday and will continue to do so as I work through this period. Ah, the woes of being a grown-up. I think I'll go peek in on my little noodle and give her a little snuggle. That always perks me up....always....

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