Monday, January 28, 2013

You Just Know...

Double-check flu shot administered during annual appointment last September. Double-check also that flu shot is still effective 5 months later. Two of 8 kiddos in her preschool go down with it 3 weeks ago. Two family members in her evening sitter's house are diagnosed last week just hours after she's picked up by the sitter. I'm in class and don't even see the pleading messages (she didn't want to pick her up and risk exposure for B!) until two hours too late.

My angel was a trooper and stayed healthy through it all. But come Saturday night, a small, clear runny nose snuck into our routine and I was on complete high alert. Wipe nose, hand sanitizer/wash hands, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I even breathed a sigh of relief when our little buddy, Alexandra, woke up with a nasty stomach bug that night (the girls attended the same bday party that night) but my B was still all smiles. It was too good to be true. I just knew something was coming. Probably why it didn't matter when she "coughed" at 4am and I immediately leaped out of bed to run to her rescue with zero surprise to see the icky sicky in her bed. Poor baby! I ended up sleeping on the floor to help her through the night of yuck and we snuggled together in the morning for a few extra minutes just to make sure she had that extra dose of love from Mommy.

Miraculously, she was my normal little sprite an hour after waking, had a hungry tummy, and was stoked to hear that Mommy was staying home on a Miss Kathy day. The doc said she was the healthiest sick kid he'd seen all day, and since it was just a freak virus we'd better run out of the office before she actually caught something to worry about. Phew!!!

No flu. No strep. Day at home with my baby AND Daddy took the afternoon at home so I didn't have to miss class. Ahh. Life is in order once more.

From sick to silly in a few hours flat. Happy day!!!

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