Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Follies 2012!

All I can say is, THANK GOODNESS IT WAS CHRISTMAS. Otherwise, this gal would have been one SERIOUS Grinch after a day like we had this Christmas. Woo-wee, it was rough! Let me start from the beginning…when everything was still innocent and joyful.

This is what I woke up to…wish I had a picture of the smile on my face!


I’m so glad Jonathan and I started the tradition of doing Christmas #1 with just our little family first, and doing it as relaxed as possible, before heading on to the madness that is Christmas if you’re an Adamo. No matter how the rest of the day goes (keep reading!), at least it always starts fabulously. Check out the smiles:


Even the furry friends enjoyed some presents:


Thanks to Jonathan, Bridget and I BOTH had footie jammies!


This year, we discovered Bridget’s one true love at Christmas – little dancing and singing battery-powered seasonal gadgets! Girl is obsessed! My in-laws have quite a few and get new ones each year and this was B’s favorite. Grandpa snuck away on Christmas Eve and surprised her at dinner with one of her own. She was so excited!


Back to Christmas – soon it was stocking time!


Then we finished our packing for our trip (leaving for Colorado Springs where we’d meet up with my family that night – same flight every year – never had one problem traveling on the Big Day), ate a yummy breakfast, showered…and found out our flight was cancelled. Waaaaaaa!!! I called the hotline while J drove out to Plano for Christmas #2 with the Adamos/Herreras/Broses. B took a car nap, so we drove a few circles around the block while I waited to hear word of other flights…finally, I just sat in the car on the phone while J and B went in to see the family. Cue snow. My Christmas spirit was waning…


Long story (and another 1.5 hours on the phone), we had to refund our original tickets on American and buy brand new tickets on Southwest (who hadn’t cancelled a single flight that day and had one going out the same time as our original flight). Love Southwest!


By this time, the snow was FOR REALZ. White Christmas in Dallas! After enjoying present opening and a little food (we had to leave earlier than planned due to the weather and having to drive to another airport and therefore missed delicious traditional lasagna dinner), we headed to the airport. B fell asleep in the car again (she VERY RARELY sleeps in the car) about 10 minutes before we arrived at Love Field..and STAYED ASLEEP until we had to take off shoes and coats at security. 151152

Delayed an hour, we had just enough time for a Christmas dinner of airport Campisi’s and lemonade. I was laughing at this point…


Finally on the plane, we were all starting to feel a little beaten down…


But after two successful flights, we finally arrived in Denver (oh, did I mention that? Southwest only flies to Denver, which is why we’d booked American to get one-way into the Springs…right…only a 2 hour trip to Woodland Park from Denver). Happy! No more problems, right???


During flight number one, I realized in our haste and more snow, we forgot B’s car seat from my car (Jonathan’s sister took us to the airport). No car seat. Christmas Day. 2 hour drive to Denver. Awesome.

During flight number two, I realized I left B’s pink bubbles (aka her FAVORITE blanket and “lovie” of choice), pillow, and all necessary bedtime babies at home. Awesome.

What can you do? It’s Christmas Day at 11:00pm. No stores are open…ANYWHERE…and no car rental places are either. We were a serious bunch of nervous, unsafe, law breakers on the road that night. Thankfully, we all made it to Woodland Park by 1am, safe and sound. The only one crying was Bridget because she just wanted to be in a bed (her words). This meant she did not care one iota about her pink bubbles (more reasons to love our family’s place because she had a familiar bed, babies, and acceptable blankets ready upon arrival) and went straight to bed. Ready to start Christmas #3 in the morning.

(this pic might be evidence against me…shhh!)



At least we were with family all day, supporting and helping us, we were all healthy and in one piece, and we really got a chance to count our many blessings…

Merry Christmas.

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  1. WOW!!! That's all I have to say about that. :) You are a warrior!