Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Snapshots


A sampling of some of the fun things we did over the break:


Playing with her Duplo Nativity. I don’t know what it is about age 3, but MAN was she interested in Baby Jesus! Finally!


Waiting for her turn for a photo session:


Enjoying the Merry Main Street fireworks show in Frisco Square:


Visiting Santa at Willow Bend Mall. Falling snow and all!


Your guess is as good as mine on this one. At least it reflects the amount of silliness we enjoyed:


Her two favorite things to discuss this past Christmas – Baby Jesus & The Grinch. I’d consider our house pretty equal opportunity when it comes to exposure of stories, characters, etc…so though my excitement over her interest in the Nativity was much greater, I was so so so happy to share one of my favorite Christmas stories with her. She practically memorized the book…and THEN I introduced the MOVIE!

We spent some good time at the library:

Family book time:



Feeding the “chucks” at the duck pond:


More silliness! Wonder where she gets it from…


She’s WAY better at trombone that me:


Fun playdates with our BFs!


The crazy Christmas lights house! It’s about 5 minutes from us and I’m so thankful for this family tradition. A friend of mine commented on this pic that she used to take her kids when they were little. I just went to her daughter’s wedding last year! Hope the house is still going for years and years to come!


The first real frost of the season! Little did we know what was to come on Christmas Day…


Cookie decorating and holiday games at the library’s winter event:


Duh. Toffee making! I only wish I could have had time to make more. Same wish every year Smile


Second annual Nutcracker Party with my arts-loving lady pals. Can’t wait for next year! It might finally be the year that I get my you-know-what together and decide to take Bridget to see the real staged ballet…


Love all the memories enjoyed this past December. Now I just need to continue the joy and smiles throughout the upcoming months. No reason to save it just for holiday season, right?

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  1. I bet Daddy was LOVING sharing his trombone with her!!!