Sunday, January 20, 2013

Colorado Christmas Wrap-Up!


How refreshing to wake up and be reunited with these old friends:


Christmas #3 finally arrived! (Jonathan banked with a new Subaru tailgate chair and his coveted terry robe that he’s been searching for for years!)


My family was able to wait for the cookie decorating until our arrival, and man did we enjoy us come Christmas cookies! My mom even found MY old Christmas apron for Bridget to use. Adorable!

Mom’s cousin, Matt, and his family joined us for the party, too. He and his wife have two lovely daughters, the younger of which Bridget immediately latched on to. Seriously, B came up the stairs from the basement, saw all the to-do going on, saw Laurel, walked right up to her and said: “I want to play with her!” Laurel was so sweet to accommodate B’s needs, as well. Love sweet friends!



Yes, you may be able to spy a glass of wine. It happens. This is a Williams party, after all!


The finished product was pretty impressive!


After nap that day, it was time to squeeze in a quick first SLEDDING trip before the sun went behind Pike’s Peak. I’d bought B a cute, pink snow suit prior to our trip, but she opened a much, much nicer one from my Aunt on Christmas #3! Score! We got all bundled up and headed to the back yard hill:


You’d be surprised to hear that we don’t always have snow at the house for Christmas. It can be such a bummer if there’s not enough white fluff to play in! Thankfully, we had just enough for some minor sledding. It was B’s first time! Arnie wanted to join the fun, too:


We’d talked plenty about snow angels while prepping for the trip, so she knew just what to do – and loved it!


Though she was said she was nervous and required a Mommy or Daddy partner at first, this girl LOVED the thrill of the sled. Who’s surpised?!


Puzzling is a must during a Williams family holiday:



And that evening we opened stockings! One of my favorites!(of course, B got the best loot!)


Since this was a very quick CO trip this year, we decided to spend most of the trip together as a family at the house. Day 2 should have brought a family trip to the Hungry Bear followed by more sledding. Sadly, B woke up sick and ended up puking all over the couch right before we left for breakfast (thankfully it wasn’t at the restaurant! Also, I knew it was coming when I saw her behavior change on a dime).

She woke up happy as a clam, after about 15 minutes (I was starting to get her ready for the breakfast trip) she just turned into a different kid. Wanted to lay down. Didn’t want to put on clothes (now, this is a normal Bridget thing – girl LOVES jammies). Didn’t want to sit up. Said she didn’t feel good. Jonathan (he’s the worrier of the two of us) decided he would stay home from breakfast with B so the rest of us could go eat, which I agreed was fine (no sense in everyone staying home). She was still fever free, so I mentioned to my mom and sister that this behavior had occurred twice before with B, each time ending with a puke session followed by 100% immediate recovery. Just as soon as the words left my mouth, girl threw up all over the couch. Poor thing! Good thing we’d brought a trash can over to catch the worst of it. This Momma can tell when a stopped up nose (its so dry in Colorado at winter time, that even with humidifiers blowing in every room you’ll rarely see a runny nose) fills a little one’s belly with icky mucus. Gotta expel that stuff somehow! Her appetite was back, color returned, and smiles appeared once more – all before we left for the Hungry Bear. The rest of the fam and I were able to leave Daddy and B home to rest and watch cartoons, while we went and fetched them some to-go Bear breakfast. Not too shabby!

After a needed early nap, we decided to head to the end of our street for a family hike and some more sledding. B was tickled when I let her sit in the front seat with Daddy! Who’s the cutest bear around?!?!


Good thing we brought the sled along, because “someone” was getting tired and ended up being dragged along for much of the hike. Even where the was no snow to be found. Spoiled!


Super steep hill. Slick snow and ice. Focused Daddy. Fearless and ecstatic Bridget!


Check out the smile at the end of this quick clip – love her!

More friendly deer time. Notice they don’t even care about Arnie being out there! Probably because they all know he’s a fraidy dog Smile.


It’s always nice to be all together at Christmas for many reasons – one of our favorites being that we get to help my parents celebrate their anniversary! This year marked 37 years. We’re so lucky to have such great role models!


A delicious dinner was enjoyed with lots of family:


And we ended the night with some ping pong, iPad time, and a rousing game of Scattergories for the grown-ups (wish I had more than just mental pictures of that! bahahahaha!):


Our last morning allowed for one last walk around the loop:


Lots of hugs and chuckles:


A quick drive through Garden of the Gods (there was SO MUCH we didn’t do on this trip! Agh!):


Before we were off once more to the airport. Thank goodness we were gifted with an easy day of flying!


Can’t wait to see you this summer, Woodland Park! Unless we just can’t wait, and we may sneak up over Spring Break. Jonathan suggested this last night – you know I’m game! Stay tuned.

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