Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mommy-Daughter Memories!

What a fun-filled holiday season we had this year. Bridget and I took every opportunity that came our way to celebrate the season and make memories together. Daddy even got in on a few! Hahahaha. Those daddies are always so busy, aren’t they? We’re thankful we were able to spend so much time with him while he enjoyed a much earned 2 week break (though he’s back to work already during his second week off…that man works so hard!). But for now, here are few activities B and I enjoyed this mid-December.

Our second year to visit Santa at Bass Pro Shops:


This Santa is SO NICE. Of course, it’s a plus that he hands out candy canes. But you also get a FREE picture printed out AND you can take additional pictures with your own camera. I had mine around my neck, and Santa himself reminded me to take a pic with my camera before finishing Bridget’s visit with him. Smiles!



She loved playing with all the outdoor stuff:


Seeing the fish (her favorite was the GARR…eww):


Rode the reindeer carousel:


And got her first shark bite (she bumped her head on its tooth!):


We shared a snack and then headed home for a quick nap before the afternoon’s event:


We are so lucky to have a little friend two houses down that’s not quite a year older than Bridget. B loves playing with her! So the two of us, disappointed that we’d miss my own family’s cookie decorating day (or so I thought – see later post), invited Eva and her Mommy over to decorate some goodies!


Us girls just had to have tea with our cookies!


Yummy finished product!


Lori’s sons must have smelled the delicious cookie scent because they decided to come join in the fun, too. Very sweet helpers!


A day filled with friends and fun!



  1. I didn't mean to laugh at B's first shark bite, but it did make me laugh out loud. Bless her heart! And, I remember Eva from B's birthday party...how fun that they live so close!

  2. I love her little grin in the picture next to the popcorn!