Saturday, January 19, 2013

Frisco Safety Town!

I’m nearly caught up on the month of December…just in time for mid-January! Thankfully we’re really taken it easy this month, especially since anytime she’s given a chance to express her opinion (haha, that’s all the time), Bridget will say, “I just want to stay home”. I think she’s still reeling from such a wild holiday season!

When we’d heard how much fun our friendly Frisco pals had at Safety Town, B and I were thrilled to have an opportunity to squeeze a trip into our schedule. Sadly, I left my memory card in the computer so all our pics are from the phone. Again, so thankful for the iPhone!!!

Jumping for joy that we finally made it!


First stop, Bridget’s FIRST face painting! She did fabulously…and loved her special Christmas Tree!


Next, time to send Santa an email!


Getting to “drive” a real fire truck:


Such a friendly Santa…even when I accidently pulled down his beard as I was taking B off his lap! Yikes!


Diligent coloring for the contest, then a visit to the “school house”:


It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the place is a little village with all mini buildings made to look like some real Frisco establishments. Complete with sidewalks, street signs, and real-world pedestrian routes (arrows, stop signs, crosswalks, etc.). Notice the flags at the post office are at half mast – we went the weekend after the Sandy Hook tragedy.


Even a mini Babe’s!!! I was disappointed they weren’t handing out free mini drumsticks Smile


All she seemed to care about was getting a balloon like the other kids were carrying around – we finally found one!


Everything was so lovely and festive:


Such a fun evening with my little one. What a great learning experience for kids! We’ll certainly go back for another visit to Safety Town soon! There was a video room, a place to do a practice fire escape from a fake second-story bedroom where the kids get to climb on the “roof”…looked so cool!, and lots more that we didn’t do this time around. Glad to save more for next time!


*Side Note*

This was another of our double-duty event days – but this was double duty NIGHT! First we visited Daddy at his final concert of the semester, then we headed to Safety Town since we were already in Frisco. B did great, considering all the action!





  1. I wanna go there SO bad! And I had no idea they had a Christmas event. Looks like yall had a great time and we'll definitely add it to our "to-do" list for the upcoming year.

    PS... your little B is GORGEOUS!!

  2. B has the thickest, most gorgeous head of hair!!!