Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Double Duty Day

A wise friend once told me that as soon as she became a busy mom of TWO beautiful daughters, she became a mom who no longer planned more than one event in a single day. I guess since then I’ve had a little voice in the back of my head pushing me to plan multiple events in one day while I still can…seriously! Here’s another fun example:

Jonathan has a good friend that started a Tuba Holiday concert in our area 5 years ago. It has grown from a program of about 30 students to nearly 200! We’re so proud of our sweet Keith! Jonathan always brings plenty of his own students to the event and since the concert is just down the road from us, Bridget and I decided to attend this year (during prime napping time, but hey, I’m learning to be flexible on the rare occasion…RARE). Check out all the festively decorated tubas and euphoniums!


B loved sitting in the front row so she could watch Daddy up close and personal:


And Daddy even got to be the MC!


The best part? Running up and down the stairs at the conclusion of the show! Perfect way to tucker a girl out for a late afternoon snooze…


Later that evening we were off to Prosper to visit Julie and Ryan’s NEW HOUSE! Julie and I had planned a cute Christmas craft for the girls (decorated pot holders)…and they (sort of) turned out nicely. I love this classic “no pictures” face by Bridget followed up with a bribe-induced smile:


My girl is finally starting to enjoy finger paints…after 3 years!


Once paint crafts were complete (or when Julie and I got sick of trying to make them happen) and a fun double bath was had, we decorated the cookies B and I had leftover from our tea party a few days prior. Delicious!


Then the best buds had a little milk and Olivia and went off to “bed” so the Moms could watch Ashley and JP’s wedding (can I get an AMEN for The Bachelor/Bachelorette?!). Yeah…not much sleeping actually happened this time, what with the excitement of a new house and all that sugar from the cookies…Moms of the Year!



  1. B and A are so darn cute together! Love it!

  2. Oh my goodness!! How sweet... and you're SMART for packing your days FULL with your little B. It does change when little ones are added :(. And Jack's in a no-smile-for-picture phase too. I guess it's a 3-yr old thing. HA! Loved the concert pics... especially the one of her running the stairs!! Greatness!!

  3. I'm so laughing about the no smiles...just wait til she starts covering her face. ;-) I always tell Alexandra she is going to grow up and think Josephine is the favorite child since Josephine is the only one agreeable to pics. And girl, I totally bet you'll still be plowing through multiple events with multiple children because you're personality is suited for it. You've always been that way. In fact, I remember your drives through rush hour traffic and late nights Denton on school nights, no less. You rock, and this girl admires you for it!!!