Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Week!

Bridget’s birthday week began in grand fashion on Saturday with a party for her and some of her little people friends. Let the bouncing begin!


Of course, I was busy running around chatting with her guests which left little time for picture taking. What pics I did manage aren’t very good anyway, but the constant motion and occasional blurry shot do a great job showing all the wild activity that was going on at Bounce U. And I was loving what little preparation was required this year! I could actually focus on having fun with my doodle bug instead of full-time hosting duties!


Too bad I didn’t have any better pics of the apparatus I deemed “the spider-web of death”. Needless to say, it was impossible for anyone to ascend to the top and left many defeated and frustrated. Apparently, it was still fun to try. I didn’t bother to try Smile


Bridget and her friend, Lucy, from Kathy’s. It was so funny to see B’s obsession with Lucy that day because she’d never shown that sort of interest before…but at the party, she was attached to her hip! Here we are on our way to the COSMIC room. No surprise why I didn’t get many pics in there:


Bridget and Alexandra turned the Hurricane Simulator into a new invention that I called “the screaming tube of insanity”…it took $2 for the hurricane stuff to happen, but these two ladies had plenty of fun closing themselves in and just screaming as loud as they could. Sounds good to me!


Off to the PARTY ROOM for pizza and cupcakes!


Hard to believe my little baby is nearly 3 years old! She knew just what to do when the birthday song was sung, waited patiently for the end, and blew out her candles like a pro. Why do they grow so fast?!


Bridget had lots of friendly helpers around to assist with present opening! Though I know present opening can be a beating at this age, I just can’t help wanting to have her open them with her guests present. As a guest, I like to see the presents opened!


After a glorious event at Bounce U, our family headed back to the house to open family gifts and spend the rest of the evening together. Bridget asked to invite Abby and her parents over, too, so she’d have a buddy to dress up in her new clothes (and heels!) with:


I got to fill my decorating needs…without going overboard:


And Bridget finally got her DREAMLITE!!!


Lots of love for Mimi, Pop, Grandma, and Grandpa:


As well as all the other “specials” in her life:


The Adamo crew all together before calling it a night:


Then a quick end-of-day milk + cartoons:


And a post-B’s-bedtime glass of wine for Mommy…wahoo!


Happy birthday our precious little lady – we’re so excited to continue the celebration all week long!


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  1. Cute post...love the pics of you & J at the end! I'm so glad you feel that way about opening gifts at the party. I've been surprised and disappointed at recent parties where they haven't done that. Alexandra gets so excited to see her gift opened since she has so much fun picking it out. Secretly, I get excited about it, too! Love you guys!
    PS If year 3 brings about temporary moments of unexpected insanity, bring Bridget to our house while you go out for drinks. They'll be much needed this year, I can assure you.