Sunday, September 9, 2012


With each party over the last 3 weekends, I’ve increased my photo amount exponentially! We’ve been surrounded by so much joy these past few weeks that’s is almost impossible not to be happy. I love enjoying so many reasons to feel truly blessed!

Before I journal both Bridget and then Abby’s birthdays, 3 weeks ago B and I were lucky enough to play at not just one party…but TWO! If there were not a full 24 hours in each day, we wouldn’t survive.

It all started with some end-of-summer swimming in honor of our friendly twins, Lindsey and Landry!


Though it wasn’t sunny, nothing held us back from having fun in the water!


Pizza is the perfect party plate!


Enjoying some time with her buddy, Caleb:


And the birthday girls:


Aren’t these two adorable?!


All the kids from Miss Kathy’s made it out to the party. What fun!


Bridget and I made it home for her to catch about 90 minutes of “quiet time” in her room (remember me mentioning her lack of nap recently??) before we changed into our prettiest green and headed North to party with Alexandra! We made it just as the adorable craft was about to begin. Our own hands making a beautiful four-leaf clover on canvas…


After the green paint was washed, we headed into an Alexandra-themed scavenger hunt:


Which ended with a pot-of-gold in Baby Josephine’s crib!


Next up was our end-of-the-rainbow pinata. Mad dash for treats!


There own little bags were full of yummy snacks!


Then a traditional Texas sheet cake for the birthday girl!


After opening presents, us parents enjoyed the chaos of attempting a group photo. Always a favorite of mine, especially when you’ve got a ham like Alexandra owning her center stage!


Bridget loving on our beautiful host (and birthday girl herself), Jill! We love all our moments with the Fabulous Fairs, especially when we get to celebrate one’s big day!


What a joyful day!

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  1. What a busy day! Glad you guys were able to party with us, and what a brilliant pic of B's green hands!