Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 Year Doc Visit


She’s been stepping on the standing scale for a little while now, but this was her first time to be measured FOR REAL, as in no more annoying paper measurements on the table. Dr. Berkowitz says that’s 100% why she jumped from being 95% for height to like 60%. I have her stat sheet SOMEWHERE…hmmm…that update will have to wait for another day. She’s up from nap now! Agh!

As always, I left the appointment feeling great about B’s development and growth. Plus, Dr. B always makes me feel better about her eating habits. He also assured me that she wasn’t having too much milk, and that I could even bump up her take to 16-24oz per day. Wahoo!

We always have a developmental questionnaire to complete which is my favorite part of the visit. There are questions for B with labeling of pictures (what is that? what sound does it make? can you find the cat?), and mostly questions for me (can people who aren’t around her normally understand more than 50% of what she says), with some action questions (lay this paper on the floor – can your child two-foot jump over it lengthwise? turn it widthwise and same question). It tells you to stop answering questions after you’ve gotten 3 “no’s”, and that if something hasn’t been attempted yet (as in, attempted to put on her own pants/shirt) to answer “no”. Well friends, this was our first time to answer YES to EVERYTHING. Both sides of the page! Wahoo!Proud Mommy moment Smile. Hahaha. Of course, I expected gasps of amazement from the entire staff and multiple gold stars, possibly a parade in our honor. Hmmm…no such reaction, but Dr. B did say she was right on track, developmentally, and about 4-6 months ahead. Thank you, pre-school!

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