Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bridget’s 1st Chacos!


Before we headed out to Arbor Hills for a delightful Sunday hike (the weather was gorgeous the weekend after B’s birthday!), Daddy had one more gift to give our birthday princess…


She opened it and said, “these are just like Daddy’s!!!”. Perfect! If you know Jonathan, you probably know his sandal tan. It is one that has been honed to perfection through 8 years of decidicated Chaco wearing, day in and day out, all seasons through. It’s pretty hilarious.


Imagine my excitement when I saw a toddler pair on REI’s website for 60% off! Apparently her size is the smallest they offer, and she’s got plenty of room to grow so they’ll likely last us into the Summer (though we all know that’s never a guarantee!). I’m trying to get better about putting her in “quality” shoes to protect her feet from future problems, but spending a ton on good shoes that she could very well grow out of in a month is SO TOUGH. But I know this is a good shoe company, and 60% off certainly makes it worth it. I was so excited to tell Jonathan!


She was pleased as punch to discover the fun Dora seat cover we put on the old car seat in Daddy’s car. Yay for celebrating our birthday for a FULL WEEK!


Our whole family got to share in the Chaco pic as we enjoyed some peaceful moments by our “secret” pond. Too bad they don’t make a doggy pair for our PenPen!



  1. Oh, just the thought of Jonathan driving around with a pink Dora car seat in his backseat makes me giggle...

  2. what a sweet chaco family! and...how is she already three? happy belated bday bridget!