Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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As the summer came to a close, we had so many activities on our list of things-to-do that had still been left undone. One of them was bowling. I’d heard from some neighborhood SAHMs that many bowling places around had FREE bowling for kids during summer morning hours and that, yes, toddlers/pre-schoolers could and would enjoy the fun. Alas, time got away from me. What’s new.

Imagine my surprise when my friend, Juli (one of my 10 Juli/Julie pals!), invited B and I to accompany her and Sophia to the lovely lanes in Allen for a morning of adventure. Wahoo! Thankfully, we had exactly one week until school started up for me so we were still available.

And the most exciting part? We were EARLY!!! Me! Early! That gave B and I some “us” time to wander about the shopping area and play some Wizard Chess (my name, not the shop’s). Ah, calm “us” time…



We tossed our coin in the fountain and said, “I hope to come back soon”…sometime I must have told Bridget the first time she tossed a coin in the water but I’ve just forgotten. I love that she says it, though, because that’s what people in Rome told us to do at Trevi Fountain. Each time B says it I’m reminded of that fabulous trip…


Then it was bowling time!


I may need to have this added to my bathroom when I renovate it someday:


Cute kiddo bowling shoes! Time to choose just the right ball…pink of course! And then we entered the girls’ names before starting the game:


These ramps are so perfect! The smallest ball was still about 1 pound to heavy for our ladies, so having the ramp was perfect. Love it!


Sophia’s jump for joy after her first attempt:


B’s face is so fun here. She loved every minute!!!


She’s basically a “learn the hard way” kinda girl, and I’m okay with that when it comes to minor injuries Smile. Mom of the Year!



Hey – their scores are pretty much my standard bowling score…nice!


Goods times, friends! Thanks for the invite!


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