Friday, September 7, 2012



Happy, happy birthday, Bridget Marie! A big girl you are, as you’ve officially turned THREE!

As I write this, you are resting in your bedroom, anxiously awaiting the afternoon surprise Mommy has planned for you. We enjoyed a full morning together: milk & cartoons, Mommy got to be the co-op parent at pre-school so there were no sad goodbyes at drop-off time, a little shopping (both for you and a soon-to-arrive little baby) together, then some snuggle time on the couch. We are both so blessed to share these precious moments together, as its days like these that mean the most to me. Watching you grow, learn, and explore is Mommy’s greatest source of joy!

Now that we’re out of the “terrible two’s” (what a joke! a) 2’s are not always terrible, and b) I’m already thinking we should rename this current stage as the “therapy three’s”), here are some quick notes about YOU on the day that we welcome you into a new year of life:


dress-up (mermaid is your favorite, but princess will do!)

playing doctor

singing (faves are Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs)

Dora, Umi Zoomi, Max & Ruby, Disney Princesses (Sleeping Beauty is your favorite – Mommy’s favorite, too!)

string cheese, junk food (you’ll always eat something junky! duh!), water, milk, fruit snacks, apples & peanut butter, PB&J, pistachios, trying new fruits (but not really swallowing, most of the time)

reading (especially your Fairy Tales book)

being outside

Daddy’s microphones at school

talking and snuggling with Penny, Gus & PJ

setting up picnics in the living room

holding hands with friends

putting on lip stick (well, actually lip smackers…but don’t tell her)

painting with Daddy

turning on/off the TV + using the remote to pause/play

bike rides with Mommy and/or Daddy

walking Penny yourself without help

feeding the birds and ducks

storytime at the library



napping during rest time (this is a new thing in the last week or so!)

Mommy at school or work

any vegetables

the “no thank you” bite

when someone tells you or asks you to do something you don’t want to do

being separated from Mommy (at any time! tough for a busy Mommy!)

going to the grocery store

when Mommy buckles the stop buckle on your seat belt (that’s your job!)



potty training! (almost ready to try nighttime training, too)

moving to a big girl bed

first swim lessons (learned to hold breath under water)

inquisitiveness: you love asking questions and learning about new things. your inquiries are thoughtful, specific, based on prior knowledge, and well-worded

started pre-school (Thurs/Fri)

being a darn good speaker

greeting new people with a hand shake and “nice to meet you”

hand washing on her own

first dance lessons (ballet for fun at the rec)

basics: colors, numbers to 20, ABCs, dressing/undressing yourself, ball throwing (even the big ones!)

removing stickers without help

no longer needs a high chair at a restaurant (this was a big one for Mommy to let go!)

riding your tricycle on the street


Mommy could go on and on with details about your life. I am so proud to be your Mommy and will continue to always put you first above all else on Earth. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and look forward to all the new challenges we’ll face together this year as well as the memories we’ll make as a family. Hugs and kisses!

I’ve got a secret…I LOVE YOU!


Mommy Smile

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  1. Happy Birthday Bridget! Kathryn loves pistachios as well, so crazy! She is also losing interest in her one nap. I miss those days of two or three! :)