Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When Morning Breaks…

Tomorrow morning I’ll get up a little earlier, organize a few last minute details, shower, and then make sure the camera is ready…

I’ll wake up Bridget a little earlier than normal, enjoy our morning milk with cartoons, get dressed and fix hair a little more special than every other day, toss down a quick breakfast, and then load up the car…

Tomorrow is Bridget’s first day of PRESCHOOL!!!

How has it come to this already? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was returning the 6th set of curtains in order to replace them with another pair to try on the nursery windows? Did I not just snuggle with my coveted snoogle last night as I attempted to get a few moments of non-midnight-pee-interrupted sleep? Feels like it was just yesterday.


While its always hard for me to believe how fast my life passes these days and how soon my sweet, sleepy baby has turned into an independent, inquisitive three year old – at the same time, I find it more and more difficult to remember life BC (before children)! I know one thing for sure…it was sooooooooo much lazier, easier, and slower. But you never quite realize life’s potential to be truly full (both schedule-wise and heart-wise) until you are gifted with parenthood.

So many emotions have been taking over lately. Bridget is turning 3, school has started for me and Jonathan, and Doodle Bug begins her first journey into school. We’re all excited, nervous, anxious, tired, overwhelmed, and slaphappy. What’s new?!

To my precious baby:

I’m so proud of you and the little lady you’ve become! You’re spreading your precious butterfly wings tomorrow and headed off into the world of independent learning. Just like we pretend after bath time with your towel “costume”, the catepillar breaks through its cocoon, spreads its beautiful wings, and flutters throughout the meadow – stopping to smell all the numerous flowers, but never stopping so long that there’s not time to find another new cluster of petals to explore. I can’t wait to hear all about your experience during one of our special Mommy/Bridgie car chats on our way home tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Here’s a quick preview of her new home away from home. We had a great time at her Meet the Teacher trial morning last week, when we did a shortened 45-minute day with all parents staying to share in the fun. Don’t you want to play here, too?


Singing “Old MacDonald” with Miss Trish’s farm blocks. Man, has my songbird really spread her vocal wings recently!


She spent most of her free choice time at the tool station. Daddy’s girl Smile.


Enjoying her snack:


Upon leaving the snack table, she stumbled upon this gem of a station (Mommy had noticed it earlier and knew it would be a HUGE hit). An office!! Her exact words were, “(audible GASP)! Is this for boys and girls to use?!?!?!”. It was just precious!


Grabbing the rope to head to the Muscle Room!


Taking a flying leap off the Muscle Room jump:


A happy girl with her new teacher:


This is where she ran when she heard the rumor that it was time to go home. That stinker!


I can’t wait to take some memorable pictures of her first day TOMORROW (both mental pics and camera ones!)…

Also starting tomorrow? BALLET CLASS!


  1. Oh my goodness...I love that girl! Your words are perfect in every way, and I, too, have a hard time remembering life BC. All I know is that life still felt very fast-paced, and my schedule was packed to the gills although my heart certainly wasn't as full. I remember wondering how in the world I would ever manage me, us, AND a baby!?! Then, Alexandra came, it wasn't as difficult as I had envisioned, and after a while, I couldn't even begin to imagine ANOTHER little person to add to the getting ready, bath/bed routine, in/out of car seats, etc. Alas, it's the GREATEST ever, and once again...much easier than I ever expected. I am rich in blessings, and so are you. Bridget is a precious girl!

  2. Oh wow!!! I have tears in my eyes just reading this! It's so hard to let them go, but the excitement on their faces makes it worth it, right?? And by the looks of it, you've chosen the best preschool around!! I want to go there :)