Tuesday, October 9, 2012

National Night Out 2012

Last week our neighborhood put on the annual National Night Out Block Party and YIPEE I was actually able to go! We are a part of a really large subdivision, so our few square blocks hold a party together which makes things intimate but still very fun and festive. There was face painting (so grateful B doesn’t like her face painting! She was happy to have her hand done instead):


Visits by the Citizens Patrol (handed out big bags of candy to the kids as well as Child ID kits to the parents), followed immediately by a representative from a nearby dentist office (bearing free toothpaste and brushes! I was tickled to see these two visitors walking around together!):


Then came a fun show by some City of Carrollton motorcycle cops! The kids all got a chance to hop on the bikes and push all the buttons. Bridget’s dream come true!


The pot luck feast was delicious! I felt silly bringing my simple homemade rice crispy treats once I saw all the amazing dishes people brought to share. My favorite? The fried chicken!!! I crave it about once a year (same with steak) and had been jonesin’ for a few weeks at this point. One little drumstick sure did quench my thirst for crispy fried bird!


Next up was meeting the friendly firemen!


Can you see who’s driving?!


I had a great time spending the evening with my precious little family. No comment on how I felt when it was time for us to leave so I could make it to class on time. Let’s keep this post upbeat! Smile


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