Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Owl and the Angel :)

What a fun time Bridget and I had playing with Lauren and Tenley last week! B was her crazy self, and precious Tenley was a calm little cucumber simply content to watch B jump from one awesome toy to the next. Welcome back, bouncer!


Can’t you just see how sweet she is?? Such a peaceful little presence…


IMG_0834  IMG_0836 IMG_0837

Thank goodness my doodle slowed down just long enough for a picture with Lauren :)


Tenley said a lot of “ooo’s” during our visit, and here’s a pic of her cute mug when she says it:


A side note: Tenley just celebrated her 1st birthday and though we couldn’t make the party in person for the big event, we got some much needed treats to take home thanks to a B near-meltdown complete with frantic signing and “eat!” screams. Ugh. But aren’t these snack bags cute???? Love them!


Tenley is already and owl lover, making it an easy transition into Chi O someday :). Though B doesn’t always act like it, I just know since she’s my angel she’ll become a Pi Phi Angel as well if I have anything to do with it! Go Greek!

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