Monday, January 24, 2011

Queen of Quiet Time

Here's my lovely at our last Village class again. She's listening to the "quiet time" music (this time it's actually a story being read aloud with calming background music) and is completely mesmorized.  The end is my favorite part of this video ;). Of all the things she's learned through her time in Kindermusik, quiet time skills are by far the most obvious and very much appreciated by Mommy! (let me know if it doesn’t work…I had a bear of a time uploading it and ended up going the youtube route this time)

Here's how to do it: put on some calming music (preferrably instrumental at first, then you can venture into other pieces with text as your baby is used to the process), find a quiet spot (lean on a wall, lay down on the floor or couch), put out something safe for baby to play with (or practice this in his or her playroom) and just chill for a bit. When baby comes to you for stimulation (which he or she certainly will!), just quietly redirect him or her and continue to relax. DON'T try to force baby to do the same! This is a lesson in Mommy's needs, which in turn, will teach baby how to relax as well. Did you know relaxation is a learned skill? Who better to teach baby than Mommy?! Give it a try and let me know how it goes. It's never too early to start, but it will only get harder as baby gets older...

Quiet time is designed to help Mommy teach Baby that there are times that Mommy needs to relax and baby is welcome to relax with her or quietly busy him or herself as he or she pleases. As both a KM mom and teacher, I have seen the power of quiet time blossom before my eyes in babies week after week. It's a skill that will continue to help our little ones throughout their lives as they learn that they cannot always expect to be stimulated by others. Man, can I think of quite a few kiddos I've taught over the years that could have benefited from a lesson in Quiet Time!

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