Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet me…the prude?

Ok. So is anyone else totally put off by movies these days that are made for an educated adult audience (please don’t confuse these with adult films! hehehe) and all the unnecessary language and sex? I mean, puhleez! Wow. I’m pretty sure my mother just took over my body and willed me to type that. How many times did I hear her complain about that very same thing when I was a teenager? Yikes.

Well, it doesn’t change how I feel about the whole thing.

J and I have always been a movie-going couple. We both enjoy the whole movie experience: the show, the treats, the talking about it afterwards, the all-encompassing entertainment. When we were first married and totally broke (well, I thought we were broke…little did I know!), we’d always find a way to sneak in a Studio Movie Grill visit almost weekly to see a flick at least one of us was interested in. Action, drama, animation, comedy… “movie” or “film”…we loved it! As you can imagine, those days are mostly gone now that Bridget has joined the Adamo Team. Sure, we manage a movie night every now and again, but I’d say we’re averaging one every 2-3 months. I’ll take it! That being said, we opted for a NetFlix membership about a year ago to help me with my late-fee issue (no further comment).

NetFlix is delightful, though Jonathan is we are notorious for falling asleep during everything that starts after 6pm. Tonight was no such night. Score! Imagine my surprise when he a) agreed to watch “The Kids Are Alright”, and b) stayed awake for the whole darn thing. Sure, I’d added it to the list with little excitement, but I’m always drawn to the Oscar nominees and I love me some good Annette Bening (Jonathan hates Julianne Moore). I’ll say this. It IS good. Good acting. Good story. Funny. Endearing. But man, there is just too much sex for me! Am I a prude? Perhaps. But all I can think about is how distracting and unnecessary it is to the plot. Why does nearly every R movie have to have it in some form or another? And if its not sex, its horribly distracting profanity instead. Ugh. I’m sick of it.

[side note: our last movie date was to see “Black Swan” and I loved it. I was warned by its designation as a psycho-sexual thriller (what does that even mean?), so I was prepared for the worst. It totally wasn’t that bad in that area! Alas, I don’t know if there’s an R movie out there that doesn’t have a little bit of the “personal stuff” in it. But all in all, “Black Swan” was pretty awesome if you ask me.]

My mother would be proud. I, too, will obviously become one of those mothers that shelters her kids from the overly indulgent world of the entertainment industry (well, I won’t shelter them completely…but they certainly aren’t seeing a PG-13 movie too soon!) until they are old enough to at least be sneaky about seeing it without my knowledge. I can only hope my Bridgie grows up to be a little like me in this department. If that happens, my life will be a lot easier! I won’t hold me breath…


  1. neighbors and I just had this same conversation last night! We had on the TV and a commercial came on for that "No Strings Attached" movie. I am REPULSED by the concept of this movie!! We were talking about how horrible it is that they advertise that movie in about every commercial break on MTV, not to mention that ridiculously outrageously show "Skins"... I mean, seriously? INAPPROPRIATE!!!! Don't feel alone; the overwhelming amount of sex and horrid language gets to me too. I guess people are totally attracted these days to utter immorality.

  2. Girl, that "Skins" show makes my skin crawl. And that's just from commercials and articles I've read. No way can I watch it! I'd better not get started on another rant :)