Monday, January 24, 2011

Lovable Leggings!


Aren’t these just the cutest things you’ve ever seen?? Okay, so I guess Golden Retriever puppies are cuter, but these leggings aren’t bad!

I saw this tutorial on a favorite blog of mine, Baby Night Night Botique, a few months ago. I ran out to Target and grabbed a couple pairs of women’s knee-high socks and hurried home to make them. I even got the same pair that the tutorial uses! And…finally got them done now :). Yes, it took a little more time reading my sewing machine manual (I’m teaching myself, remember? Thank the Lord for!) but I managed to still finish the whole project in about 30 minutes. Any novice seamstress who can feed an item through a machine could do this in 5. And they look adorable! Here’s the tutorial. Her stuff is always adorable and many of her tutorials are very doable, too. The only thing I changed with this one was the ribbon color and placement (I had pink, but wanted these to be more neutral so I went with shiny silver and placed the bow at the bottom so I could actually see them as she scampers from room to room), and I also learned the hard way that I needed to turn the sock inside out (or just make sure the cuff touches the same side as the sock when sewing – rights together, or wrongs together). I love that with sewing you can almost always start over if you have a nice stitch cutter handy!

They fit B perfectly, are very comfortable, and most of all…they stay in place better than any other leggings I’ve ever put on her. Wahoo!

IMG_0803 IMG_0804

I had so much fun making them that I dragged her to Target this morning to buy a few more pairs! This time, it took about 20 minutes to make all 4 of these. I’m excited to try the two pairs on the left because they’re a bit longer…my long-legged beauty will need those soon enough!


I got these pairs for $5 each at Target. I think I can find them cheaper somewhere and after racking my brain for ideas…..DUH! Forever 21! The cheapest accessories ever. I’m thinking it could be a gold mine for future baby leggings :). Let me know if you try these at home. I just think they’re awesome!


  1. I love a good tutorial too!
    a great gift idea!

  2. Yippee; yippee! Any guesses as to what I'll be making soon? ;-)

  3. Sorry I didn't do my own how-to. Trish's pictures are so much better and her daughter/baby model is super cute. I figured I'd leave that part up to the pros!

  4. I love these and have made some for friends babies! I love the little bows! Makes you gag when you see how much they cost in the store?
    If you have a delia's nearby they have cute cheap socks too!

  5. This makes me wish I had a girl - - or could wear these myself!! ha Good job, Anna! These are adorable!!

  6. I LOVE these leggings! You did awesome, Anna! I'd make some, too... if only I wasn't afraid of sewing. Seriously. Jonathan sews my buttons / mends my pants!

  7. You rock!! I need a girl so I can make some. =)