Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Bridget has many boyfriends, though this particular relationship seems to be truly blossoming ;).

My good friend, Stefanie, and her son Dane live a good 45 minutes from us, but we still manage to see each other on a weekly basis. Stef was a part of my Kindermusik practicum class last summer and liked it so much that when she left full-time teaching last year (like me), she and D signed up for my music class in Coppell. Whee!


Since she drives an hour to and from class each week, I figured it was finally time B and I took the trip out to her place to play last week. We had a fabulous time and the kids got along swimmingly. Stef is expecting her second son in June, so its fun to talk all about 2nd pregnancies with her. I can’t believe she’ll be a mother of two in a few short months! Agh!


Ya’ll, he is the sweetest little tyke! He has so many good words, shares very well, really listens to his mama…its hard to think that Bridget can pick up on so many things in just 4 months. Do you ever get nervous when your little one is playing with a kid  about 6 months or so older? Nervous that your’s is behind on some part of development and you need to hurry and help them catch up? I know that’s silly. I’ve felt that feeling so many times and never cease to be amazed when she reaches all her milestones either right on time or even early. Crazy how that time flies!


She’s way into ducks right now…you know she LOVED this guy!IMG_0812

Watching them play made Stef and I giggle over and over again. Such entertainment!

IMG_0813 IMG_0814 

As I mentioned, Dane is much better at sharing than B and he didn’t quite understand why she didn’t want to split certain toys and items. Hmm…get used it, Dane!

 IMG_0816 IMG_0817 IMG_0818 

At least they found a good way to split this beloved toy (a favorite in my Kindermusik classes):

 IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0822 IMG_0823 IMG_0824

Thanks for showing us how great a toddler bed can be! You know I’m nervous about this next big step that’s looming on our horizon…

IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827

Bridget has started playing games with doors. Closing herself in rooms, keeping us out, etc. Do you think Dane liked it when she closed him in his own closet? Not so sure…


Man, playing with boys is so tiring!


Love you, Coopers! We can’t wait to play again soon. Everyone else: I know you’ve thought about when you’re having your next kiddo, whether its sooner or later down this crazy parenting journey. Right after I’d had Bridget I couldn’t even consider the idea of having another dependent in my home (I’ve already got Bridget, Jonathan, and Penny! Cats – you’re on your own!), but these days as I watch her grow like a weed before my eyes I consider it more and more. My resolution (for today…it changes all the time)? Give me one more summer of enjoying a frozen margarita by the pool or a light beer at a baseball game. Then I’ll be ready! Argh! Isn’t it crazy to think about that?!?!?! Well, it’s definitely crazy for those of us that we’re “surprised” by our first precious angel.

I’ve got to catch up on more blogging! Having Jonathan home for 3 days has been a total delight, but its hard to get my alone time I need to blog without feeling like I’m ignoring him. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!


  1. So true! As our little tikes get bigger, it certainly brings about so many nostalgic moments as well as the feeling of being able to do it much better and easier the second time that we know what to expect, right? ;-) Fun to think about for you guys!

  2. Oh, Anna! So much of this post rang true for me. The development part, the next baby part, the duck part (Jack's into ducks, too)... I love how honest you are in your posts. It really helps the rest of us (or me at least) know that I'm not crazy for thinking certain things. Good one!

  3. It's so awesome seeing you and Stef getting together with your OWN children after how many years of knowing each other!?

    We've come a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG way, haven't we?