Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New BFF, Chuck E. Cheese? Eh…

To celebrate both Anthony and Ella’s upcoming birthdays, the whole Adamo clan went to Chuck E. Cheese to party. This was also a good chance to send of the Broses in style, seeing as how Heather and the girls had to return to Germany the next day. So sad! Lennart had already flown back the day before, but we at least had everyone else in attendance for the fun. How do you think Bridget felt about Mr. Showbiz Pizza himself? I bet you can guess if you’ve ever heard your mom tell you how much you hated The Mouse at this age. My mom tells me EVERYTIME I bring up that damn restaurant!

My precious Brose girls…love them!


Jonathan left that morning (Saturday) at 6:30am to work the All-Region clinic and concert at Turner HS. He was there all day and only got a two hour break before he had to return for the evening concert. Where did he go? He zipped right on over to see us for some pizza! Such a loving Daddy :)


Time to blow out candles! (don’t mind me in the background) IMG_0626

Nummers. Pizza and cupcakes. What can be better??IMG_0627

She actually stayed on this moving ride for the entire duration. I was shocked!


Bridget was happy as a clam running about the game room. She’s occasionally toss a backward glance my way just to make sure someone was nearby…this noodle doodle was SOOO sleepy after a long day of playing with Grammy and Pop.


First time to play SkeeBall!


She loved watching Sarah play games:


She even loved watching strangers play games:


But those ever-rosier cheeks mean someone is getting sleepy….very sleepy…


I mentioned to an on-looker that I was a little nervous that I had a future pole dancer on my hands after both of us had watched B shimmy up and down this red piece. Hearty laughs ensued!


Ella and B pushed these buttons for, no lie, about 30 minutes. Its amazing how much toddlers love spending time with other kids!

IMG_0641 IMG_0642

The “applause sound” button was particularly entertaining:


I’m really going to miss this babysitter!


Loot, glorious loot! Bridget got plenty of giggles from these “scary” vampire teeth. Too bad I didn’t get a pic to record her reaction to Chuck E. Cheese. She was NOT a fan and pretty much tried to burrow under my sweater whenever he came out. I couldn’t bring myself to pull her away for a pic because it was too darn sweet having her cling to me. Think she’ll still do that when she’s a rebellious middle schooler? A mom can hope!


Grandpa getting an updated Grandchildren picture. I’ve got to get my hands on the previous ones to share with you. Seeing their growth is just amazing!


Miss you already, my Germans!

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