Tuesday, January 11, 2011

16 months!

A few days late, but better than never. My sweet baby girl is now 16 months old and napping like an angel as I write this post. She has truly turned into a little person, complete with communication skills, roller coaster emotions, will power and the desire to get up and move. Though I loved this time last year (she was 4 months old, teething, rolling, and giggling…finally!), I feel so much more apt to handle a child now. I know I’ve got plenty more obstacles coming my way but I’m loving every (mostly) minute. How could you not with this little stinker around?!:


Can you believe the changes from this year to last? Man, am I glad she’s not having to wear a bib 24-7. That got old really fast…but now I have a handy drawer full of bibs for baby #2, whenever that day rolls around :)


She definitely doesn’t have as many changes from month to month like she did this time last year, but its still fun to think about what my doodle is up to:

-words: mama, dada, mommy, daddy, bird, shoe, uh-oh, baby, fish, ho-ho-ho, love you, bye

-signs: eat, drink, please, more

-walking, running (well, I think it looks like running but Mr. Child Development 101 says its not officially running yet…blah, blah, blah…its fast enough to be running!), climbing, falling, turning, chasing

-makes snoring sounds when she sees someone or something sleeping, a picture of someone or something sleeping, or when she herself is sleepy…its adorable!

-starting playing with pacis…man am I thankful she never picked up on using these (though I prayed she would a year ago!!!)…one last thing to break!

-90% for height (can’t remember!), 20% for weight (21 pounds)

-no more bottles!!!! yay!!!! it was definitely harder on Mommy than it was on baby, that’s for sure :)

I’ll leave it there for now. You know how I love sharing tidbits about my little stinker!


  1. Looks like you'll also have a drawer full of adorable hats for Baby #2, too!

  2. Oh, Anna! I MUST hear the snoring asap!! That is adorable and hilarious :-) Playdate - playdate - playdate (I'm chanting here...)!!!