Thursday, December 9, 2010

15 months…oh, if I could turn back time!

My little noodle doodle is 15 months and already well on her way to 16 months! Agh! I can’t believe how quickly she transitioned from newborn to infant to baby to toddler. This time last year I had been back at school for a month and Bridget was just getting good a holding her head up and had officially rolled both ways. Now she’s rolling her hands as we sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and knows how to say her favorite word, “shoes”, as she takes her’s on and off, walks around in Mommy’s shoes, or hides Daddy’s shoes all around the house. Oh, if I could turn back time.



Seeing that tiny reindeer costume just makes me all misty-eyed! Here’s some highlights at this stage of being Bridget:

- still have 8-9 teeth, though I think she recently realized what she can do with them

-she’s eating like a hunger monster! I’ve been waiting for this since June! Phew…

-says “shoes”, “uh-oh”, “no”, “mama”, “dada”, “fish”, “see”, and signs “hungry” and “more”

- loves everything in the sky! birds, planes, stars, satellites, clouds…

-can match pitch with Mommy while singing (this is BIG thing in this musical household, people!)


  1. Match pitch?! AWESOME! Looks like she was born into the right family. :)

  2. She's getting so big, Anna! Maybe that means you should have another?