Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keepin’ me young :)


Jonathan has been so lucky this year at his new school to have so many lovely friends as co-workers. Of course, I’ve mentioned my friend, Jill, who taught with me for 3 years and is now teaching with Jonathan. Thank goodness I still get to see her on occasion at his school, ‘cause we’re both so busy that we rarely hang out (I miss you, friend!). Did I also tell you all that Jonathan will have a student teacher in the Spring who is quite close to the both of us?? Yes, his student teacher will be a good friend of his from UNT, Jay, who just happens to be my former high school/college boyfriend….hehehehe….I can’t wait to hear about all of their shenanigans come springtime.

Well, this post is actually dedicated to more close pals at his school. Hey guys! Aren’t you excited to see your beautiful faces on the blog?? B and I started crashing their happy hours about 2 months ago and thankfully, they keep inviting us back. Our latest hotspot is Chaucer’s in Addison for their 3 for $10 rolls and cheap bar deals. Nice! Can you see why I picked this title for this post?

Bridget has gotten pretty good at tapping chopsticks. I’m sure she’ll be using them properly way before I actually figure them out myself :)

 IMG_0057 IMG_0058 

Jonathan with Kat, the art teacher at Jonathan’s school. She’s so fun and friendly! Recently, upon watching B grab a necklace I was wearing and eventually breaking it, Kat took it off my hands, dropped it in her purse, and took it to school where she fixed it for me in a jiffy. So sweet!


Me and Tandy, who by the way is Bridget’s new best friend. They love dancing to the rockin’ jams at Chaucer’s. Anyone up for more Ke$ha??


And we couldn’t leave out Cornelius! Look for his new blog soon, as I’ve convinced him that he needs to start one of his own. Can’t wait to be the first follower!

IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064

This one is the best. Notice Bridget giving the Chaucer’s manager the eye?? Well, this is 100x better than her normal complete meltdown she does every other time she sees him. He’s the sweetest man who always comes over to say “hello” to us, though she ALWAYS starts hysterically crying and demands to be held by Mom or Dad. At least this week she didn’t cry and she even gave him a High 5! Maybe a budding friendship has finally begun? I brought him some Christmas toffee last week, just to let him know that the Adamos appreciate him and his happy hour prices :).


Ah, the fun times of an Adamo. Bridget already fits right in with the crowd! Now I think I’ll take a nap…all that party talk makes me sleepy…zzzz…..


  1. How fun! And, I like shenanigans, so this should be exciting. :)

    Looks like y'all had a great time at Chaucer's...enjoyed the pics!

  2. yay! I hope you can help me "pimp my blog" like yours; I'm honored I made a cameo appearance in in this post!

    p.s- I think Bridgy and I need a blog post dedicated to just me and her when I dress as DJ Lance for Halloween :-)