Friday, December 24, 2010

Fun, Free, Frisco!

I love the challenge of finding the most fun, free events around the holidays. Last week, I was thinking it would be fun to celebrate Christmas with our friend, Donald, before he left for familytime in New Hampshire, so I peeked at the Frisco city website and discovered that Santa was going to parachute in to the square…in about 2 hours. We hit the road!!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died as soon as we arrived (sad face!), so most of the pics I took are from the good old phone but they turned out pretty well! As soon as we found a place to park and were getting all out things set (stroller, hat, coat, bags, sippy…need I go on?), we heard the sounds of a bi-plane…we looked up and noticed 3 tiny ants leaping into the sky. We got there just in time! Needless to say, since we were running to get to the landing site and my battery was dead, we didn’t get much in the form of memorable pics.


Bridget LOVES the sky and everything it offers…sun, moon, clouds, planes, stars, etc. Of course, she thought this was awesome!


Can you believe it was so chilly/windy this Saturday, and by Tuesday we’d reached a record high of 85 degrees? Geez, Texas weather…

 iphone love december 025

Well, we knew of the model train exhibit, but we didn’t realize there’d be tons of hot air balloons being blown up right next to our car! We zipped through the trains…

 iphone love december 028

And headed out to the parking lot to watch the balloons go. My little adventurer wasn’t nervous at all. She loved them :).

iphone love december 035iphone love december 039

This was a special treat of a night. We also met Cory and Becky at Manny’s for a delicious dinner to celebrate Cory’s successful ACL surgery. Good times!

Speaking of free fun, B and I have been absolutely loving our playdates at Willow Bend Mall with friends. They’ve got a great play area and Bridget always lights up as soon as we exit Neiman’s and turn left to the park. Whee! Here are some highlights :)

iphone love december 015 iphone love december 009  iphone love december 013 iphone love december 014iphone love december 056

Playing with our friends Riley and Maggie (who’s mom, Becky, taught with me at Carrollton) and their friend Austin, who’s mom Sandy is a friend of Becky’s. We love meeting them and getting to know each other all even more!

IMG_0105 IMG_0100

The girls love chasing B…and you know how she feels about chasing :)

IMG_0102 IMG_0103

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