Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oliver’s Very Un-Birthday Party!!

My dear friend, Lydia, is such an intelligent, creative, caring, and devoted mother to her sweet little Oliver. I’m always in awe of her and what she has up her sleeve! We were lucky enough to get an invitation to Oliver’s Mad Hatter-themed party and made sure nothing got in our way of attending. Of course, we got to spend time with our BFFs, Julie and Abby, at the party, too, which made it all a perfect package.

We were sure to follow the request on the invite, and arrived wearing our favorite hats (Bridget’s was quickly put away after we discovered how much Oliver liked it!):


Look at sweet Abby! She’s so happy to be playing with her friends :)


Our hostess with the most-ess:

IMG_9900   IMG_9903 IMG_9904 

What you got in here, Oli?? Anything good??:


I love this antique-looking airplane rocker. Want, please!:


Our pink champagne toast, accompanied by delicious tea party goodies. Lydia is a fabulous cook:

 IMG_9911 IMG_9914

The Man of the Moment!


Among the delicious treats we feasted on, Lyd had soaked gummiworms in vodka for days and then served to all the willing grownups. It’s rude to deny the hostess, right? She worked so hard!! Yum, yum, yum…

IMG_9916 IMG_9917

As part of our party favors, we got “Alice in Wonderland” children’s books to take home. It’s currently Bridget’s favorite and she points to it every night before storytime:


She didn’t miss a step when it came to her theme. So fabulous!

IMG_9919   IMG_9922 IMG_9923  IMG_9925 

Oliver had been practicing blowing out his candle for weeks, so when the big moment came we all waited with bated breath. He didn’t disappoint! I love the “proud Mama” look on Lydia’s face after he finished. Ahh!

IMG_9927 IMG_9928

We then were treated to a viewing of the traditional British children’s film, “The Snowman”, which has no words, only music. It’s beautiful and you can see how much Oliver truly loves it. He can’t take his eyes off it!

IMG_9929 IMG_9930

B was busy un-trimming the tree. Lydia’s sweet mother, Elizabeth, dressed it with tiny teddy bears and was more than willing to giggle and watch as B took them off, one by one:


What a glorious time we had celebrating the first year of Oliver! I can’t wait to see him and his lovely Mama again soon!

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  1. Such a fun party, for sure, and I love B's crocheted bear hat!!! Btw, where can we get an airplane rocker, too?