Friday, July 16, 2010

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Of all the busy days we’ve had this summer, the last two weeks have been the busiest! Look for Colorado vacation pics soon, but for now I’ll tide you over with some adorable playdate memories. There’s still more friends to see this summer, though….please don’t make the days go by too fast!!!

At Baby Cameron’s b-day (she’s B’s BFF Abby’s littlest cousin)IMG_7306

Loving Abby’s cousin Kinley's awesome toys!IMG_7299

Meeting Caroline for the first time! She put her tutu (same one I got at Plano Presby) on her bear when it got too small. We have the same tutu and the same bear! Done and done over at our place :)


Caroline is a month younger than Bridget but 3 pounds heavier and a few inches longer! ADORABLE chubbsy wubbsy!IMG_7316

Bridget took herself on a tour of Caroline’s house…IMG_7317

….all the way into her room!IMG_7318

Caroline’s Daddy, Chris, finally put his foot down on the roaming :)IMG_7320 

Wow! I thought having one little one was tough! Little did I know until I visited my friend Courtney and saw her practically sprout a few additional sets of arms to wrangle her brood in. Her oldest son is 8 (I think! Sorry, C, if I got it wrong!), middle is 4-5 (again, sorry!), and little girl is just two weeks older than B. It was a GREAT time having all those kiddos together and it really showed me how on the ball Courtney is at every second. She was awesome to watch!


Of course, Bridget loved their dog, Diesel, almost more than Baby Claire!


But Claire wasn’t about to sit in the corner and wait for her friend to play :)


They were two little stinkers, that’s for sure!IMG_7433

Innocent?? I think not, my ladies!IMG_7436

Riding with two babies in the car! Wild!IMG_7751

Teaching Oliver how to use her bouncy seat….like he needs instruction. I believe I’ve mentioned his geniusness??


Having a breakfast date with Annabelle. Christy made some super yummy gluten-free banana bread and a great mix of hash browns that I never would have considered: taters, apples, green onions, salt, pepper….it was delish!IMG_7745

C also had an awesome idea that I’m totally stealing! She gifted Annabelle with an old purse of hers, put her own little keychain complete with real keys (one of which is a key that’s never even been molded), old gift cards, and an old cell phone. It was genius! Sure, they make all that stuff in baby toys, but the real babies only ever want to play with the real stuff. Thanks for the great idea, Christy!

B and Annabelle purse2

B loved all the goodies!

B and Annabelle purse


More to come with pics of Kindermusik class and going to the pool with Abby!

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