Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I’m a big girl now!

I’m mentioned the fact that B is now moved into her convertible car seat, and the infant seat is now only used for Jonathan’s car. It’s great! Buying this seat before she was born was an EXCELLENT idea, and I have Jill to thank for sending me the link where I found it on sale. Though the design is not my fav, it works just great and is nice and cushy. Did I mention that its HUGE compared to her baby one?? I can’t wait to turn it forward in a bit so it won’t seem to take up so much space…or maybe I should just get a bigger car?? :)


She’s pumped to try it out for the first time!IMG_7746


Mommy: put up a sun shield, STAT! (it was so gargantuan sitting in the middle seat that I moved it to the side so I could see out the back window again…now she sees the sun a whole lot more! Eeek!)IMG_7748

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