Sunday, July 18, 2010

See it here first!!! (unless you read this occasionally and happen to see it on Facebook first instead)

Well, the blog is so important to me that I wanted to make sure I posted these adorable videos here FIRST for all you loyal readers (all 5 of you!). I'm so proud of my little lady and also so blessed to have her home with me during these crucial weeks of growth. There are certainly other times during her 1st year that I have been baffled at how many "1sts" she's experienced, but as we approach the big 1 year (sniff, sniff!) I'm shocked at what I'm seeing from her!

Yes, yes...I still haven't posted about Colorado because I'm sifting through so many awesome pics and can't decide what to leave out! However, I've got two awesome videos of her that can't wait. The first is her "trick" that she showed us almost daily once we arrived. She built a special relationship with the mounted pheasant at the house and giggled every time she saw it. We started asking her where it was and she would giggle at the question...then she started catching on :). Eventually, she could distinguish between "where's your bird?" and "where's the doggie?" and "where's the fish"...but this is all she'd show us for a video:

Uncle Cory bought this huge jug of water for the trip and when he started banging rhythms on it, she went wild. Her dance moves start right at the beginning of the clip and this doesn't do justice to all the moves she was actually performing....but it will do:

And the pomme de or....her first teeny steps!
Disclaimer: the house is tossed up because that's where I'm holding my Kindermusik practice class right now...her bib is icky because it was right after eating sweet potatoes or something...and she's wearing her 4th of July dress because we put it back on to take our late 10 month pic. I'm just saying :)

We are both convinced that she's more interested in walking when she's got an annoying dress that makes crawling tough. Note to Mommy: don't put her in dresses! Right!

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  1. Love the videos!! Whoever is in the background singing, "A lefty and a right, a lefty and a right," was cracking me up! She is soo close to walking!