Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week in Mommyhood…

Ah, this story is wonderful. Well, its wonderful now that its over and done!

Long story that I’ll try to keep brief:

Hung out with Julie and Abby this afternoon for some girl time and had tons of fun, as always. Man, does B love her some other peoples’ toys! However, I was exhausted because she was climbing, crawling, walking, pushing, pulling, throwing,  and chewing at every moment. All the while Abby is peacefully sitting or scooting about! Ugh. My little adventurer. God love her :).

Back to the story. So, we finally left around 6:30 (as usual, later than I should but its so hard to leave!) and drove home. I desperately needed to stop at the store and already had cash on hand (we’ve jumped into the world of cash budgeting….its an unknown plain for me in my life, but I’m adjusting) and all my coupons ready. Most of all, we were about on our last square of TP, so you know it was an emergency.

Back to the story. I pulled her out of her seat and started walking in when I realized an explosion had occured during our drive. Ick, but nothing I can’t handle. Turned on our heels back to the car and pulled out the changing pad for the back seat. Hmm. That’s the moment I realized the wipes had been pulled out by B at Julie’s, Abby had been introduced to the exciting world of chewing on a wipes package, and I’d left them there! Agh! I knew there was a reason why I always kept two packs in the bag…and why I had my emergency bag in the car (that we’d brought on the CO trip and never returned to my car).

As I’m frantically looking through the car to see what I could use to wipe her off, I realize that she’s also exploded into the car seat! Though I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about this, its never actually happened to us…until tonight. So, going home doesn’t do any good and I can’t take her inside like this.

Well, one cloth diaper burp cloth and two bibs in the garbage later, we’re clean and ready to start our big shopping trip. Oh, and did I mention that she didn’t want anything to do with being in the cart? So, about 3 aisles through the trip I started carrying her and pushing the cart with one hand. Good workout!

I had just finished telling Jonathan how easy grocery shopping is with her and how all warnings I’d received over the last year have been for naught due to our amazingly awesome baby girl….hmm…I’ve learned to keep my successes to myself….

For now!

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  1. So, so, so funny... and I'm sorry. But it's a really funny story! :) Poopies are a Mommy Badge of Honor, right?