Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colorado: the first try

Well, I know its been weeks since our annual summer Colorado trip, but since my laptop has been a little toot, i haven’t had the patience to post all my pics and thoughts…until now! Let me begin with the greatest story of the trip (and the trip didn’t even start until the next day!):

B and I went to our last Kindermusik class on Tuesday, June 2osomething (I said it had been a while) and had planned to pack the car upon our return and leave around 2-3 so we’d make it to Amarillo before it was super late. In regular Adamo fashion, we didn’t leave the house until 5:30. I was already crabby, but at least we were on the road. Baby in her seat, mom and dad in the front, “Eclipse” in my book bag (Amanda and I were going to see it in CO!), the pooch in her own little area and all our crap in the back (leaving for 10 days with a baby and a 100 lb crate-trained dog makes for a lot of stuff!)…we were set! Oh, I forgot to mention the soft pack J loaded on the roof that we use each time. It’s called the Kangapack and its been in the Williams family for about 15 years. Off we go…

After spending about 30 extra minutes in North 35 traffic, we exited 380…again, I was crabby. How did I feel when J pulled over saying he forgot his charts he had to practice for a gig? Argh!!!! I was so pissed but I couldn’t say no to going home to get them…he really needed them. At this rate, we’d be getting to Amarillo at about 2am. I’m pissed and we’re passing the Lewisville Lake Bridge and *SNAP*…that’s right…the Kanga flies off in the middle of rush hour traffic on the bridge. I screamed and immediately burst into tears. We exited and turned….saw the pack…travelled back over the bridge…exited and turned again…came back to the pack and it was obliterated. The jogging stroller (tear!), the pack-n-play (i’d just scored it on craigslist…it was an XL size for playtime), and the Kelty baby hiking pack ($200 down the drain that had been used once)? Floating up to baby supply heaven. I was distraught.

Thankfully, my mom convinced us to just go home, put B in bed, chill out with a drink :), and get a good night sleep and leave the next day ‘cause she was able to change our hotel reservation. Ah…now its a wonderful trip story we’ll both never forget and continue to laugh about for years. Here’s a before pic. I can’t say we have an after because I wasn’t quite in the mood yet!


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