Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Madness!

Well, I can’t claim to have been a World Cup fan my whole life (that’s right, I’m a World Cup fan…not necessarily a soccer fan) but as soon as I took the time to learn about it I was a total believer. That was 4 years ago when Jonathan and I traveled to Europe for a month and ended our trip with a week in Germany to visit his sister’s family…and WC just happened to be going on IN GERMANY. It was so amazing, people. Its just like the Olympics (but way better)…you really can’t understand the total magic of the whole event until you’re immersed in the scene at the host location.

My family went to the ‘96 Summer Olympics in Atlanta and the event will never be the same for me. It was a moving and life-changing time and I challenge anyone else to find an electric atmosphere like that anywhere else…oh yeah, you’ll find it in the World Cup host country! Being in Germany (well, just being in Europe was enough but getting to Germany was a whole different story) showed me how entire countries can come together for 2 hours and support one thing…win or loose, they’re doing it together! Sure, sure…we have the Super Bowl. But imagine if our entire country was pulling for the SAME TEAM! Sure, we have the Olympics. But imagine if the Olympics was made up of only ONE EVENT! I’m just sayin’…give it a chance. Next time WC rolls around, take a few minutes to talk to someone who knows about it so you can understand the rules. Don’t give me crap about “not enough scoring” and “but there are so many tie games” and what not. If you say that, you haven’t learned about it yet. Any other time of the year I think soccer can be pretty boring. The field is way too big! But give me a World Cup year and I’m in front of the TV for sure! Go USA! Here are some of my favorite WC pics from this year and ‘06. Love it!


Me and J at the Salzburg football plaza watching a game (beer and pretzels were a common theme during our trip):Europe 2006 522

At the Munich Fun Fest (every host city in Germany had a fan center with tons of awesome stuff to see and do!). The largest foosball table we’d ever seen!!!

Europe 2006 556

Uncle Jonathan with our nieces (L to R) Ella, Sarah, and Hannah after Germany lost their elimination game. Like the face tatoos?  They are the prettiest girls ever and we miss them all the time. Sarah (my God-daughter) was only 3 weeks old when we visited. Now she’s 4!!! Ugh. Life goes by too fast :(.

Europe 2006 616

Me pretending to kick a ball at the Cologne Fun Fest. That church is ah-mazing. No picture can ever capture its grandeur. The largest of its time and kind. Its a small town, but a must see if you’re ever in Germany!

Europe 2006 708

Me and the boys celebrating the US victory that gave us the lead in our group this year. No time is too early for a celebratory beer when its World Cup season!


B (who’s modeling the closest she has to Spanish fashion) and Oliver getting ready for this year’s final. Notice Oliver’s adorable England jersey and shorts?!?! So cute!!!


Our delicious spread of munchies (yes, a special little someone kept pulling at the table cloth…and it wasn’t Penny!)


Me (in the Holland jersey I got in ‘06…they’re my favorite!) and B showing off her Germany t-shirt Lydia and Oliver brought. We can’t wait to show it to Aunt Heather and Uncle Lennart and the girls the next time we see them! I think it will still fit! :)


Good times….as always :)

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