Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fun of FALL

FALL. My favorite!!!


An open letter to the month of October:

Dear Second-Favorite Month:

You have quickly staked your claim as being the sneakiest busy month of all. What gives, second-favorite month? You’re not December (with finals, numerous traditions to be met, seeing friends who are off school, traveling to Colorado, etc.)…you’re not May (Mother’s Day, end of the year concerts/parties/programs, birthday parties, preparation for summer, FINALS). You’re not supposed to be this busy! At least this month the events are almost all SUPER FUN. You’re off the hook this time, October. Well played. Let’s recap yet another recent Adamo Adventure…

A fun, cheap, little street carnival was set up near my parents’ neighborhood and I wanted to give it a shot after missing it last year. It was a blast! B’s favorites were all there.

Pony Rides (unlimited!):


Balloon animals:


DORA CUPCAKES!!! (no comment on the color of her bowel movements the next day):


And Mommy noticed it was 5pm on a Friday and decided to reward myself:


Keep bringing it, October. Do your best, ‘cause so far we’ve risen to the fun challenge you’ve set before us!


The Amazing, Adventuring Adamos

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  1. Are you serious about the BM's?? That's just crazy!