Thursday, October 25, 2012

Determined Mom = Utter Embarassment

Oh, don't we just want to kick ourselves in situations like this? We think: "Gosh darn it, I am DETERMINED to do ______. Being a mother doesn't define me, and I can fit my child into my life instead of my life fitting my child." Then anarchy ensues and you end up looking like a fool. The joys :). Fill in the blank with "vote" today and you've got my morning.

I was "determined" to vote, and vote early to avoid the crowds and my schedule inevitably filling up between now and the big day. No way was I letting another election go by without doing my civic duty! Today was the day, and I'd nestled my voting time right after pre-school and just before nap. Perfect! Umm...

Library was a little busier than I'd hoped, but still only 3 in line before me. B seemed content to hold hands and was low on the wiggle scale. I got signed in and then shuttled to the next table to actually sign my name sticker. Cue anarchy...

B broke free and darted off to an open voting booth just as it was my turn to provide my signature on the designated sticker. Blerg!! I raced after her, nearly toppled over two chairs, but had her back at the table within about 10 seconds. Just long enough for someone else to sign on MY signature sticker. Again, blerg!

Thankfully I noticed and alerted the volunteer. He was a wee bit crabby, to say the least. The woman who'd accidentally signed the wrong sticker was much more understanding...she, too, has a 3 year old but luckily had her's at daycare. Oh, to be that privileged. Hahaha!

Long story and what I'm sure were many pairs of stink eyes pointing in my direction later, I cast my vote and went to get B the sticker I'd pumped her up about. They were all out :(. Thank goodness she's not one to throw a tantrum about that we got much deserved Slurpees instead and headed home for snack and nap (both overdue for her!). Yes, I didn't punish her for the voting fiasco. Who's the one that decided to take a 3 year old to vote? Time served.

Sheesh! You'd like to think I'd learn a lesson one of these days, but a determined Mommy is determined to make it work...determined to make being determined work! I'm just glad we got to go together and do our duty as American citizens. And we survived!

But y'all, why does the system have to be so susceptible to mistake?! So many ways things could have gone wrong today at the polls. Not to mention the confusing computers they used at my location. And I'll just say it: I'm not the dumbest person who'll go vote and I still had to really read the directions!! A skeptic like me can have a field day with a system like this...

Happy voting!!


  1. Oh, but the anarchy made for a great in which you'll tell for years to come. So, I say, "Way to go B!" :-)